Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Five hundred posts.

I wish I had something much more appropriate for this post, but given this is only my second post in like a half a year.... we'll just make a bit of a small production here, then get back to the mindless drivel.

Okay, party over. A mini "Safety Tips" before bed tonight.

  • I'm doing an NCAA pool at work this year. Well, two of them. For those 'Government Types' reading my blog - it's perfectly legal, don't worry. ( For everyone else, no, it's not ) I actually started paying attention to college basketball in January. That time coincides with my starting the new job. One of the things I was really excited about was the idea that I could lose 30 bucks in a gigantic office pool this year. I was even more excited when I started watching college basketball, and every team fell apart like Britney Spears after a weekend without cigarettes. So that made picking the bracket a helluva lotta fun this year. Glad I could make a donation to the pot.
  • President Obama was on SportsCenter touting his picks for the tournament. He wrote out his picks on a giant dry erase board, that had the teams and the bracket lines all neatly press-screened on to the board - complete with the presidential seal. I'd like to think I don't live in a world with all these bailouts, that my government doesn't spent a couple of hundreds of dollars making that board for him. I also would like to think that he has more important things to do than to give 2 hours to ESPN for his picks. But he is all about change... I just didn't imagine it'd be like this.
  • In a nice parting piece, the ESPN ombudsman wrote a great article about how mostly what she read from sports fans was that ESPN was way to self-indulgent. And while I like this person, I hope her successor can raise the profile of the position a lot more than she did.
  • Keeping the sports theme, Friday Night Lights is the best show on television. Hands down. Well, non-animated at least. Family Guy still takes the cake in that genre.
  • Props to Bob, who this past St Patty's day, had the opportunity to celebrate it in 3 cities, 3 countries, 2 continents - all on the same holiday. Impressive.
  • Me, well I had 2 beers. Woot.
  • I still love this laptop.
  • But I love sleep more, so that means 'goodnight beyotches'.


At 11:01 AM, Blogger B.O.B. said...

Check out the Bob's Eye View blog for more on the 3-3-2 St.Paddy's Day tour ....... coming as soon as I get some of the pics from some of my fellow travelers

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Collin said...

Welcome back... slacker!


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