Monday, October 10, 2005

Dropped the Ball

Literally. I dropped a would be interception to end the half of the Hitmen game today. Oh well. Good game overall, we clobbered 'em. Defense WAY outscored the offense, and I played alot more on defense than I did on offense.

But I caused some confusion on offense, because the center isn't used to my cadence at the line. We normally say: "Down. 18, 29, 18, 29. Set. Hut" The numbers are any two numbers repeated like that. But we ran one play on a "Set" snap count. Shane expected me to say "Down, number number, THEN set" - but instead, I just said, "Down, SET!" - and he wasn't ready. He was aggravated at the other team, and snapped at me. He apologized profusely to me, but I think I should still take him some flowers to practice to cheer him up.

But other than that, it was a usual busy weekend. Nothing exciting really happened, but something did happen on Saturday night in my sleep that I found very humorous, and I'll share with you.

I went to bed pretty early on Sat. night, and was sleeping in bunches ( sleep, wake up for 10 min, etc ). When I was sleeping, I was zonked, but I just kinda keep remembering that I was waking up alot, and it was still really dark. At one point, I woke up pretty suddenly, and I cannot remember what I was dreaming about, but as suddenly as I awoke, I was still kinda groggy.

So for whatever reason, in addition to waking up, I decided that I needed to sit up, and pretty quickly at that. But not just sit up, I had to scoot back when I did it. You know, like where you're laying down, and you sit up, but you put your hands out to the side, and lift you butt up, and slide it back, as if to be able to lean up against something? Well, I did just that. I have no idea why.

But the problem was, Robyn was laying RIGHT next to me, sound asleep. And when my body decided to 'scoot' back, I put my hands out and pushed down on the bed to do what I described above. Well, my right hand landed straight on top of her face, and I pushed her whole head down into the pillows. And I mean, like pushed. And even though I have a small recollection of realizing it was someone's head I was squashing, I didn't let up. I was still half asleep. She yelled something at me, and I incoherently said something back. And then I thought I should go back to sleep, and the adventure was over.

But I woke up today with the hazy recollection of that, and maybe you had to be there, but I couldn't stop laughing at the thought. I'm skinny, but I'm tipping the scales at 210, and I can only imagine what would have went through her head when I put most of my weight on her head like that. She says today that she doesn't really remember it much, other than I woke her up. She's even more of a sound sleeper than I am.

Yeah, after reading that, I guess you would have had to seen it to get the humor out of it that I did. But it's off to bed now, so if I kick her ass anymore tonight, you'll all get to read about it tomorrow. Lucky you.


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