Sunday, January 15, 2006

Poor Mike

Since Barry Alvarez came to Wisconsin, he has had six quarterbacks that were defined as 'starters' over the course of the season. We're going to touch on five of them, as Tony Lawery doesn't equate much to this conversation. Tony was the QB of the 1991 season, Barry's first, when the Badgers went a paltry 1-10.

After that, when Barry was able to recruit his own guys in, Badger quaterbacks have had unparalleled success in football terms. Lawery not withstanding, those quarterbacks have been; Darrell Bevel (92-95), Mike Samuel (96-98), Brooks Bollinger (99-02), Jim Sorgi (03), John Stocco (04-05).

The jury is still out on Stocco. He will be returning for his senior(redshirt) season in '06. Next year will be his second full season as a starter, and he also played in mop up duty in 2003. In 2004, he led them up to a number 4 ranking in the country, and in 2005, had an impressive win over Georgia in the Capital One bowl. His post college career is still very much up in the air at this point.

Sorgi, who backed up Bollinger for 2 years before getting the reins himself, is currently the backup to Peyton Manning in Indy.

Bollinger, one of the most popular Badger quarterbacks in a long time, is currently on the NY Jets roster, and started several games this past season for the Jets.

Darrell Bevel, who still holds the career passing record at UW, was recently promoted to an offensive coordinator job with the Minnesota Vikings. Brad Childress was recently hired by the Vikings, and he hired Bevel. Childress was the offensive coordinator at UW during Bevel's stay there. How in the hell Bevel got up the coaching ranks that fast is a topic for another post.

Not a bad resume for a school that is known for a power running game, wouldn't you say? Oh wait..... I forgot one name off the list.

Mike Samuel.

Not even Google knows what he's up to right now. It sure isn't anything football related. He may have won a Rose Bowl, but he pissed off the football gods somehow. He was far more athletic than Bevel, Sorgi, or even Stocco - but finds himself out of the game. He is famous for advertising for a mouth guard company though.

Maybe he's happy outside the game. Maybe that's what he wants. Or maybe not. And if not, then I wonder what he ever did to anger the football gods.

And I couldn't leave you without showing Mike doing his best Kuflax impression.


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See..I can't really comment intellecually on this post. I'm a football dummy. :0(


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