Thursday, January 05, 2006

More Cowbell..... I MEAN Curling

I was going to post about the night that Will and I discovered curling - but then I realized after Will's comment, there wasn't much more to say. Not quite as good of a time as the Penn State trip ( which I STILL have to post about sometime ), but a great time still. We've slowly been indoctrinating Nort into our weird little world, and he may get another lesson this winter when curling is on TV.

And instead of getting a bucket to pee in, as to not miss any of the curling action, I suggest we use ShortStuff's idea of adult diapers. A few years ago, I lived with two roommates in a house. One roommate was out of town, and the other ( also named Matt ) had his son for the weekend. One particular weekend, Matt and I were going to spend the night in, and drink, play cards and video games. His son ( four years old at the time I think ), still slept in diapers, so Matt went to the store to get us beer, and his son diapers.

While he was at the store, my friend Chris (ShortStuff) called, and wanted to know what we were doing. I said we were just hanging low, and that he could come over if he wanted. I said that we wouldn't have any beer to drink until Matt got back in about an hour or so. ShortStuff couldn't figure out why it would take so long, since there was a liquor store across the street. I, knowing full well why Matt was buying what he was buying, causally said that Matt had "gone a regular store so that he could get beer and diapers."

There was a very silent pause at the other end of the line, which I thought nothing of, until ShortStuff yelled out, "That's the greatest idea I've ever heard of!!! I'll be right over!!" It seems that for a few moments ShortStuff had forgotten Matt had a son, and he was quite disappointed when he arrived and the diapers were a size too small for him.

I guess that story has nothing to do with curling, but funny none the less. But for a good story on the publicity of curling, check this story out from October. It seems they made a curling calendar, featuring tasteful nude/semi-nude poses by female curlers. What cracked me up is that the article features the picture that I included at the start of the post, but in the article, they pixilated the nipple. If you click on the picture here, you'll get a bigger version - and I'm not sure the point in pixilating the nipple. But someone up in Canada had to take the time to do that for the article.
Editor: "Say, we want to use this picture in the curling article, but can someone in the art department obscure the nipple?"
Art Department: "Sure, I'm guessing because it's curling, and on ice, the nipple is really pronounced?"
Editor: "No, not really. It's in black and white, and from the side, and it's a small breast, so it's hard to determine where the nippular region really ends....."
Art Department: "Ummmmmm..... yeah, no problem. Sorry, for a moment I forgot we were in Canada."


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Will said...

Titties and curling!!!

Is this heaven? Or Iowa?

At 7:39 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

I'll come visit your weird little world, if there is beer, curling, and a bucket (or maybe a stadium pal). I'm out if you guys are going with diapers.

BTW, you think 40+ hours a week with Will counts as a "slow indoctrination"?!?!!

At 9:06 PM, Blogger Will said...

Makin' movies, singin' songs, and fightin' around the world!!!

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Intense said...

Hi...again i didnt se a comment....Matt!!!!!!

Will what up? I miss seeing your comments on partygirl....


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