Friday, December 30, 2005

Safety Tips

Alright boys and girls, lets see what's going on in the world today....

  • In the clubs is where you would think that it would be real busy this time of year. New Years day is historically the busiest day of a year for a health club (both in usage, and new member signups). I'm finding out the hard way that it applies to my job in the office as well.
  • Well, that and the fact that they should have filled the position MONTHS ago. After another fun week, I still don't have my head above water yet. But it's still fun.... for now.
  • Which brings me to today. I had five things on my list, and only got to one of them. I spent most of the day dealing with our billing software (which, prior to today, I knew nothing about). More specifically, I spent most of the day with the software's technical support group on the phone. Up until today, I have not ever had a "help desk" nightmare. All of my tech support experiences were very pleasant. All you ever hear is how un-helpful tech support centers can be, the hold times, the snobby attitudes.... well... I never experienced that. UNTIL NOW. Those f'in bitches. Yes, I have a network connection. Yes, I read the error message correctly. Each time I was moved "up the food chain", I had to re-explain EVERYTHING. You will be hearing more details about this in a later post.
  • What a bunch of asshats.
  • Starting tomorrow, they're going to tear down the Wisconsin Avenue bridge that goes over I-43. Wisconsin Ave will be closed until NOVEMBER of 2006. This whole interchange reconstruction is going to be the biggest cluster-f*ck this city has ever seen. They've already made it impossible to get into, or out of downtown - and now they're going to cut off the one 'non-highway' artery. I can't imagine how people that actually live or work downtown are going to put up with this. This is going to get so bad, eventually the downtown folk will rise up and slay those in charge of this debacle. And I would sit back and laugh about it, except that I have to go downtown once a week for work. And it's going to f'in suck.
  • Should the Packers lose, and the Texans win, there's a good statistical probability that the Packers will have the number one overall selection in the draft. I'm not very happy about that scenario. Not because having the number one pick means you suck ( and the Pack does suck very badly this year ) - but because it pretty much puts them in a no-win situation. Draft Bush with the number one? He's good, but he alone will not turn the franchise around. Bush and Rodgers locked up together for the next half decade? Good thought, but will they survive the beat-downs? I think that might actually be detrimental to their respective developments. We have so many needs, but how can you pass up the 'best' player to come out of college in a generation? I think being a NFL General Manager has to be one of the top five coolest jobs on the planet - but I am sure glad I'm not the Packers GM this winter.
  • Speaking of the Packers, they put out a release that they might need bodies to shovel out snow from the bleachers. Despite the game being the NEXT DAY, Nort is thinking of driving up there to help. God Bless him, and the head of his, that he was dropped on several times as a small child.
  • Caught a bit of the flu bug that's going around (hey, at least it's not the mumps), and was up late last night watching TV. I had gone to bed pretty early, and awoke with the TV still on. About an hour and a half later, I realized I had watched three entire episodes of "Hogan Knows Best". I'm not much of a fan of reality shows, but this one was quite entertaining. Hulk practically has his hot 16 year old daughter wearing a chastity belt, and the son roams around without as many rules. It's a very good portrayal of how Hogan wants to be a good dad, and comes off as a surprisingly likeable show - even if it is a centered around a guy who used to run around in his underwear and rip his shirt off.
  • Came across this news item. "The actor who portrays "Leon" in Budweiser ads signed a minor-league pitching contract. " - Please baseball Gods, let that be true.
  • A British student came up with an idea to have a one million pixel web page, and sell each pixel for a dollar, and people can put up whatever they like on their 'pixels'. He got a couple of friends to buy space, and hit the lottery when a news outlet heard about it. So far he's sold over 970,000 pixels. Some have called the idea genius. I'm not going to go that far. It's a simple idea, and a good one in its simplicity. The kind of "why didn't I think of that" idea. But that's it. He got LUCKY when someone in the media needed a space filler. Then, every attention whore jumped at the chance for extra bang for their buck on the site with all the extra attention the site was getting. Right place, right time. I'm not knocking the idea, I just don't see what the big deal is. Check it out here.
  • (Mom- skip this bullet point...) I've actually been typing this post most of the evening due to outside circumstances. And along those lines, I'd like to say that VisaNet can lick my sack.

And there you have it. I take a couple of days off, and return with rambling rants, and a long post about nothing really. Although I do feel better for bitching about it, or it might be the NyQuill I took too.

I hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!


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