Sunday, May 13, 2007

This Would Be Worth It

A few Saturdays ago, I stopped over by Will's palace to watch the De La Hoya/Mayweather fight. If you've lived under a rock, this was billed as one of the biggest fights of the last five, if not ten years. The fight that was supposed to save boxing.

There were lots of sub-plots. Mayweather's father was Hoya's trainer, till Oscar fired him. Mayweather was touted as the best pound-for-pound fighter. Mayweather came out to the ring in a sombrero and Mexican colored trunks. Classic.

And in a fight that went twelve rounds ( which would normally be a good thing ) - I was pretty unimpressed with the whole thing. All the 'experts' said it was a great fight... but I just thought it was okay.

Neither guy got knocked down in 36 minutes of fighting. Neither was cut. No one landed a punch that really seemed to mess the other guy up. ( Mayweather did land one with a few seconds to go in one of the latter rounds, but the bell let Oscar shake it off )

It, to me, was twelve rounds of guys dancing together. I'm not a purist of the sport, so two guys picking their shots, conserving energy, and playing chess might be great boxing. But hell, I wanna see guys beat the shit out of each other. I told Willy I'd give him 20 bucks for the fight - which I haven't done yet, so remind me Will - but for the price of fights nowadays, it's no wonder boxing is losing ground to mixed martial arts.

Gimme an opening to a fight like this one below, and I'll start paying more attention to boxing.


At 6:00 AM, Blogger Nort said...

Will - Good luck ever seeing that $20. Seems to me I've still got $45 coming from the pick'em league last year...


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