Thursday, May 17, 2007

"You Don't Really 'Blow' Your Nose..."

Went to go see George Carlin this evening in the Northern Lights theater at 'Watomi. I enjoy stand up comedy, and with Carlin being the legend of stand up that he is, I was not quite sure what to expect. Free tickets always help in deciding if you should go see something - but I was curious to see what his shows would be like in person.

You have to figure the guy is still loaded, so how much of a 'tour' would he be doing for the money? That really couldn't be it, if he was coming to play the 'Watomi theater, and not say the Pabst. My guess was that he was either warming up for a large tour type gig - or prepping for a new HBO special.

The latter turned out to be correct, as he pointed out pretty early in the set. This was one of the first stops, and he apologized ahead of time for the show to appear a bit rusty. It was fine for me, because the whole show was new material. In the past, between HBO shows, he'd slowly work material in until there was a brand new act created - then he'd film the special and start over. This time around, he scrapped that plan, and started from scratch.

The results were alot of what you'd expect out of Carlin. I'd be very curious to see the special that will come out of this act, because even with it being rough in form, there were some rants that he had that were worth coming to see.

But while I enjoyed myself, there were times when it was the same old Carlin. Different rants, same vein as in the past. He's not the same comedian he was 20 years ago, but it was fun to go see the man, even if he's not drinking and doing drugs anymore.

He did tell three really, really dirty jokes during the show that even I hadn't heard before. If they don't make it up on here, maybe BNS might be a good place for them - we'll see.


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