Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baileys and Basketball

College football is my favorite sport, with the NFL a close second. I can't even lie and say that I'm a fan of the NBA, but I do really like college basketball. But it's still taking a backseat to football - so while I really like college bb, I don't follow it enough to call myself an expert.

But so far through the first round ( and half the second round ), I've watched more NCAA tourney than I ever have through this point already. I'm in two pools at work ( a cheap one, and a not as cheap one ). I don't have any grand illusions that I'll win either one, but it's fun to enter one with a shiat-ton of people for a change.

But some of the beauty of college sports is it's unpredictability. Even if I was a huge college basketball nut, filling out a bracket this year would have made me pull out what's left of my hair. Once the regular season got into January, no team wanted to hold onto the #1 ranking. The Badgers started the season well, getting ranked as high as 12. Then February rolled around and they lost five in a row. Marquette got ranked as high as 8. Then James broke his foot, they lost five of their last six, and limped into the big dance.

I did pick UW as a upset over FSU. I thought FSU was over ranked as a 5 seed, and hoped that the Badgers could at least squeak out one game like it was December again. They did, and then they threw the game away against Xavier. I'm now watching Marquette have their hands COMPLETELY full against Mizzou. The Tigers are starting to put the throttle down on the Eagles, and it's gonna be a long second half if Marquette doesn't stop f*cking up.

Of course it would help if Mizzou would miss ONE GOD DAMN shot. But that hasn't happened.

So I'll sit here drinking my Baileys and enjoying a lazy Sunday. The only thing that would make this day better would be if I was in Vegas.



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