Monday, November 28, 2005

It's Not Mine!! I Swear!!

Straight out of an episode of "Cops", Michael Irvin (of Dallas Cowboy fame and current ESPN analyst) was busted in Plano, TX for drug paraphernalia possession.

Irvin claims the crack pipe that police found was owned by a 'friend of his'. Suuuuuuurrrre it was Mike. He said that the friend was over for Thanksgiving, and that Irvin took the pipe out of the house so his kids wouldn't find it. He was going to drive around and throw the pipe away, most likely in a grocery dumpster, or something like that, but he forgot. Suurrrre Mike.

Irvin refused to give the name of his "friend". Because, you know, if the cops had the name of the friend, they could question him, and clear Irvin's name. But that would be too easy.

And it's sad too, because alot of people are going to believe Irvin for this. Nevermind that he's done more blow than anyone not named Whitney Houston or Courtney Love, during his playing days with the Cowboys. Just "forgot" to throw the pipe away? Here's a highly visible ESPN personality, who claims he had the pipe to keep it away from his kids, and was going to throw it away. It would seem to me, that if I were famous, and I needed to get rid of a crack pipe that wasn't mine.... that would pretty much be at the TOP of my to-do list.

He'll still be on ESPN tonight, but it should be fun to watch as to how this will play out.


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