Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Next Friday?? Are you kidding me?

My prized possession is my TV. It's the only big purchase I've ever splurged on, and I've wanted one like this forever. So last year when I had the opportunity, I got a 50 inch flatscreen TV. And I couldn't be happier with it.

**funny side note to getting the TV.... When I decided that it was time to get one, I started doing all the necessary 'homework'. So I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, and told Robyn that I was going to get a big TV, and that she should come out and look with me. She protested, saying we already had enough TVs. When we moved in here, we had my 25 inch college TV, and we brought two of her TVs with us, a 27 inch, and another 25 inch.

She didn't like the idea of me getting one, but ended up going along after I promised her that we'd go to the mall after going to Best Buy. When we got to Best Buy, we walk back to the section that houses the big 'uns, and her eyes got REAL big. She walked over to the biggest TV there ( like 65 inches or so ), and proclaims.... "Ooooooh!! Why don't we get this one?". Ten minutes earlier, she thought this was a silly idea. One look, and she was a convert.

So why the post about the TV? And what does this have to do with next Friday? Well, lately I've been getting a slight shadow on the screen from the image. The manual said in the trouble shooting section that shadows are usually caused by the incoming signal. But I began to notice the shadow when I kick up the PS2, and the shadow is also noticeable on the menu screens of the TV - so it's not the signal coming in.

I got a pretty good deal on the TV to begin with ( not what you know in this world, but who you know... I used to work for the manager of the Circuit City store that I got it at ), and actually ended up getting the "Protection Plan" for free. So I called them to have someone come take a look at my TV ( over 35 inch TVs get free in-home service ).... and the next available time slot they had was NEXT FRIDAY!!

Do they only have one tech? Is he driving in from Utah? Do that many people really have big TVs that need servicing? How is this possible?

So there in lies the conflict.... I'm pissed that it's going to take a week and a half to have someone come over..... but I'm not paying for it. And it's just a little shadow. But if for whatever reason, if the TV ever STOPS working, they better think twice about making me wait a week and a half.

Don't mess with me and my big TV.


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