Sunday, November 20, 2005

Extra Cheese, With A Side of Suckage

Please don't take this as any indication of my artistic ability, but I thought I'd show you the first real Flash thing I've put together. In Flash parlance, this would be called a Movie. Anything you create in Flash is considered a "movie", but I think that's a stupid term. Even if you create a 'button' that has an action attributed to it for use in a webpage, you're supposed to call it a 'movie'. I don't think so.

Now granted, this only took me about an hour, and it is SO not fancy. But it fulfills the requirements for the assignment; motion, lighting effects, and sound. I can't believe I'm going to show you this, but as much as I bitch about the program, I figured I should let you all laugh at my inaptitude with it.

The projects WILL get better, I promise. But hey, even DaVinci had to start with stick figures right?

Anyway, the link here will take you to the Muskego Hitmen site, specifically the "Forms" page. There is a small link on the bottom of the page that says "test". Click that word, and behold my first Flash project.

Here you go!

PS - The original tag line was funnier, but didn't think it would go over too well in class. The original tag line was: "Hitmen 2006: Not for the vaccinated." Props to Willy for that one.


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