Wednesday, November 16, 2005

F*CK! It's Cold!!

I hate the cold weather. And while I understand that some people don't like HOT weather, I really do not understand how people can like this ( Nort and my father, I'm looking right at you ). How can you say you like cold weather? What was wrong with this time last week? It wasn't warm, but it sure wasn't like this!

And I sure can't wait for the new Daylight Saving Time to kick in a couple of years from now. Dark at 5PM - WTF? It's so freakin depressing.

That's all I have to say about that.

Funniest thing overheard at work today:

I work in a small office. Low cubicle walls, very open room. After lunch, it was decided that we were gonna do "Secret Santas" in the office this year. $10 maximum on the gift, and each Friday from here till X-Mas, leave a little candy or trinket for your person. So we were told that after a little while, names would be folded up on yellow paper, and if you were at your desk, you'd pull a name. If not, one would be left for you.

So I work next to "K", and about an hour after lunch, "L" comes up to K, holding a yellow piece of paper, and asks what K wants.

K: - "Nothing, I'm fine thanks."
L: - "Oh, you left this note on my desk, I thought you needed something."
K: - "I like Snickers, so since you're in charge of getting me something, please keep that in mind."

Well, after everyone else heard that exchange, we had to start all over and pick new names. Nothing like spending half an afternoon on Secret Santas to keep productivity rockin at the AC.


At 10:38 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

OK... it's not so much that I cheer when it's this cold, it's just that when given the choice between 0 degrees and 100 degrees, I prefer 0.

At 10:40 PM, Blogger Kuflax said...

That's still crazy. Cold sucks. It's COLD. It's painful. It's more debilitating than being hot.

Hot is uncomfortable, but it's way better than being cold.


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