Saturday, November 12, 2005

"All I Got Was This Lousy ______"

I've made a few references to a few of the players on my team having VD. It's all in good fun. I don't really know if they have VD, but it became somewhat of a joke during the season.

Our kicker/punter, and sometimes QB Brad, got some type of 'disease' early on in the season. He said it was from going to the Dells, and that his doctor thought he got something by ingesting the water up there. Suurrrrre Brad.

Brad's an outstanding guy. I learned a lot from him this season. He's funny, and he's one of the best kickers I've ever seen. He's married, and an engineer. He also had for most of the season, what could only be described as VD.

Over the course of the season, guys would make innocuous comments about various ailments they had - and a recurring theme seemed to be VD related. All the guys from the team (except for me and Willy) are from Muskego. So Willy and I couldn't figure out if it was something in the water that made these boys susceptible to it, or if Willy had to stay away from the Muskego women.

So in the spirit of this running joke, a perfect opportunity came up in a photoshop contest on Fark. For those of you that don't recall, has various articles to browse and comment on. Sometimes they run "Photoshop Contests", and either give you an original picture to start with, or a 'theme'.

This time around, the 'theme' was : "I went to ____, and all I got was this lousy _____"

Aside from the team, Nort was really the only other person on the planet in on the joke. So not surprisingly, I only received three votes for my entry.

Click for a larger image. And my apologies to the city council of Muskego. I'm sure they'd tell you that this is not indicative of the whole town, and the 97 residents that it encompasses.


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