Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sick Sucks

A bit early this year, but I got my annual flu/cold/bug/virus. Every year, without fail, I wake up one day, and feel like s*it. I am pretty much a train wreck for 2 days, and wake up on the third day back to normal, like nothing happened. Usually this happens after Thanksgiving sometime. Not this year. But this year is a little off as far as what I got. I was a little queasy for a while, but that's pretty much gone away. My neck is swollen, and there's pain radiating up the sides of my head, and it's making my jaw hurt. This has never happened before. Usually I get the queasies, the fever, and the congestion. This year, just the early queasies, fever, and the stupid head pain. No congestion though. Well, yet at least.

Of course I trek it into work on Tuesday ( I knew I could take a short day, but there was just so much to do that I couldn't take the whole day off ), and had to deal with the obligatory "What's wrong?... "You don't look so good."...... YA THINK?

There's only like 10-12 people in my office on a daily basis. Word gets around pretty quick. So fine, everyone ask me how I'm doing at 9 when I show up. But now that you know I feel like laying out on Hwy 100 to make my head feel better by being run over by a truck, don't come by every half hour asking if I feel better, or to tell me I should go home. I know I should go home. But I can't just yet, OR I WOULD BE HOME. Any other week of the year, I would have been able to have the work wait - but not so much this time.

Which really kinda sucks. I am a pretty up beat person at work, but when I get sick, I get ornery. And then sometimes I feel bad that I am short with someone, and then I'll feel worse. I even missed out on dinner with Robyn's parents, her brother and his GF ( the two of them are in from Omaha ), so I felt bad about that too.

Ray ( an owner of the Club ) did compliment me for coming in on Tues. "Matt, I can tell you're not doing well, but I appreciate you coming in, and you still getting this stuff done, or there'd be alot of us that'd be screwed on Friday."
Me: "Good, then remember this when we meet next week to talk over the new job beyotch!"

Well, maybe I didn't say that... outloud. I thought it though.

Alright, back to the work I brought home.


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