Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Workout Vs. Beer and Pizza

Workout won over tonight. Mostly because I didn't have any beer in the house.

With our season woefully over, I am free to workout like a banshee now. Lucky me. You'll be surprised to know, that even though I work for a health club, I don't like to workout. At least not to the point of exhaustion. During the season, I'm a fan of working out, because I can do moderate workouts to stay in shape, and stay injury free.

In the offseason, when you actually have to lift very heavy weights, and run obscene amounts on the treadmill.... I'd rather be poked in the ear with a dentist's drill. I know it's good for you, and I HAVE to do it. I've got my work cut out for me it I want to compete for the QB job next year. And like I said about looking forward to training camp, perhaps this offseason I'll enjoy the workouts a little more, knowing that my efforts will be appreciated by the coaching staff this time around.


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