Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How's That Feel?

Came across an article about AJ Pierzynski. He is the catcher for the Chicago White Sox. He's the guy that was in the play against the Angels that EVERYONE has seen by now - the one where he 'struck' out, but ran to first after the ball was almost in the dirt. Anyway, the article has pictures of him out at a bar, doing shots off various girls and licking one of the necks of the bartenders. I'd link to the article, but most of the ads on the page are not safe for work, but it shouldn't take much work in Google to find a similar article.

Pierzynski is married, with a newborn at home.

Oh the shocker you say? A multi millionaire athlete drinking and flirting with girls in a bar? That's not breaking news. It made mention because AJ has a reputation of being a douchebag. He was with the Giants, and most people in the Giants clubhouse hated him, and said he was a selfish asshole. Which is saying alot because he shared that clubhouse with Barry Bonds. He stayed relatively quiet when he spent a brief time with the Twins, but his being a dickhead surfaced again with the Sox, when he purposely stepped on a player sliding into home plate.

Now I understand that just some people aren't nice. But this one got me. When he was with the Giants, he was out during pregame warmups. Even though he was a catcher, he was required to take a few groundballs before every game. One particular afternoon, he took a groundball to the nuts. While he was doubled over in pain, a trainer came out to tend to him. The trainer put his hand on AJ's shoulder, and kindly asked how he was feeling. AJ sat up, looked at the trainer, and proceeded to punch the trainer in the balls, saying, "Like this!"

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I read that. What a donkey. But I'm feeling conflicted because I don't know if I should have laughed that hard when I read that story.


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