Monday, October 24, 2005

Get Nort A Beer

And keep all the sharp objects away from him.

The Packers just lost their starting runningback for the year. So if you're keeping track, that makes two of the top three wideouts gone, and two of the top three runningbacks out.

Mix in a defense that isn't playing that well, and an offensive line that is a shell of its former self... and well, we need to make sure Nort doesn't wear a tie to work.

And if that's not bad enough, the upcoming schedule looks like this.... Cincy, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Minny and Phily.


1-10? Good thing I pay attention to college football. Then later on I can post all about the top 5 players in the draft. One that we're going to get.


At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

A beer? How about a shot? Or several.

It's two of the top three RB's, and 3 of the top 4 WR's - Walker, Ferguson and Terrence Murphy.

Just please go 3-13 and sweep the Bears. It's all I have to look forward to. That, and duking it out with Houston for the chance to "be on the clock" from January to April. I hear that Reggie Bush kid looks pretty good, but knowing our recent GM history, we'll draft a kicker to replace Shortwell.

At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

Thankfully I was too young to fully realize the amount of suckitude that the Packers had in the 80's. I remember Lynn Dickey, James Lofton and J.J. Not so much of the Randy Wright, Brent Fumblewood era. What I can't get over now, is how did Packer fans survive "back then". Before the days of the Internet, ESPN, NFL Sunday Ticket and Fantasy Football? If I didn't have three fantasy teams, a pick-em league against the spread, and a confidence pool to keep track of, all while the Packer game, the PIP CBS game, GameCenter, and are all displayed before me every Sunday, you would have to keep the sharp objects away. Thankfully, I think I've distracted myself enough to avoid any serious issues. It also helps that I'm leading both meaningful fantasy leagues, and with this weeks picks have vaulted over Flax and collected another win in the confidence pool. At least it pays for the fluke steak dinner that he somehow won.

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

I really should just start my own blog, but since this is here, it'll have to work for now.

A few notes about the newly promoted 3rd WR on the Packers roster, pulled from

1. He wears #19. This is usually a number worn by training camp fodder WR's. There are a few exceptions - Keyshawn, etc. but that's not the norm.

2. His picture on the Packers web site, shows him in his St. Louis uniform. He was signed as a non-drafted free agent in 2004, but was cut before making the regular season roster. He was picked up on the Packers practice squad in December 2004, and has spent 11 months now as part of the team. We couldn't get someone from the PR department to take a few minutes to get a new photo taken and posted in 11 months?

3. He played in 13 games as a senior, and led the team with 30 catches. 30?!? That's it?

4. He also "ran in a couple of track meets" as a senior. Who's word are we taking on this one? They didn't keep any records at North Carolina A&T?

5. His nickname is 'Mal' - which if I remember from high school Spanish translates to 'Bad'.

6. At least it's been noted that he donated money to the tsunami victims in early 2005. The PR department is good for something I guess.

At 12:04 AM, Blogger Kuflax said...

Regarding Nort's second comment.....

If I didn't know him better, I'd think he was looking for a punch in the mouth.

They're all meaningful beyotch... during the next Vegas trip during the NFL season, who's gonna get asked all the advice when we're there? I'm sure not going to follow yours.... ;)

And like you said, peaks and valleys. Make a little wager about where we end up the season in the confidence pool???????

At 2:06 PM, Blogger Will said...

People like me will be forced to ask Nort's opinion in Vegas cause jackasses like you will BE IN BED SLEEPING!!!

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

I don't think there's that many important people reading this blog, but you mention the streetlight, and it's fixed the next day... I go off on Jamal Jones, and he's cut the next day. Weird.

Weirder yet... Jamal Jones is replaced on the roster by Taco. Taco Wallace. There's a guy named Taco on my football team!!! WTF?!? Even more shocking, is that this isn't Taco's first visit to Green Bay! He was a member of the Seattle Seahawks when Matt Hasselbeck declared "We want the ball and we're gonna score!".

Was Freddie Mitchell really that bad? He couldn't come in, keep his mouth shut for a few weeks, and collect a paycheck?

Will and I have agreed, in the realm of gambling stories/insults, there aren't too many that can top sleeping until after 5pm while in Vegas - especially for a first-timer.

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Will said...

Completely agree. Taco is a terrible name, Freddie should shut the hell up, and Flax is a bitch for sleeping all day in Vegas.

When Nort and I go in a couple years on my birthday we'll be reminiscing about that.


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