Thursday, October 13, 2005

Color By Number

So I've had some fun at the expense of my friends here on the blog, both with words, and a few times with pictures.

So in all fairness, I should not be exempt from the rules I choose to play. So in a preemptive move, I'd like to share a picture of myself with you all. It is a picture from last Sunday, and by accident, it is quite funny. I have posted a pic here before that my friends all thought was funny, but I however, have not seen the total humor of the previous picture.

So there is a small setup to the picture. It is funny by itself, but more humorous, and possibly less degrading if I set it up. The picture, as mentioned, is from last Sunday, during the Hitmen win over the Gladiators. I was playing quarterback, and we had an option play, one where I could keep the ball, or pitch it out to a runningback. I pitched the ball out to the runningback, and he had a sizable gain, as seen in this picture directly below. This is not the funny picture, but keep in mind that I am on the far left in the background. You can see my head and arms underneath the guy in yellow. Again, this is not the funny picture.

So I showed you that photo, to show you another one. This next picture is going to take place mere seconds prior to the one you've just seen. This picture is of me JUST after I've pitched the ball to the runningback you see with the ball above. I pitched the ball, because I made the right read, and kept the ball until just before I was about to get hit. That hit is what you're about to see. The only problem with the next picture, is that it looks NOTHING like what I've described. You do not see the runningback, because he is behind the referee. In this picture, the full brunt of the hit is not yet apparent, so it just looks plain funny. Have a look for yourself.

When you pitch the ball, the opposing arm will naturally point towards the ground, or be at waist level. I have no idea why my other arm ended up down there, and made it look like I was saving the family jewels. I DO wear a cup. And unlike the other picture I mentioned at the very start of this post, I do see the humor in this one. At any other moment in time, this just would have been just another picture. Now, sadly, it might become famous with my friends. Lucky me.

And a P.S. to this post - which actually relates to a previous post. Earlier, I posted about a picture with Will and a server we met years ago. Well, Anonymous disagrees with my argument that the guy has big hands. In fact, he had this to say:

Anonymous said...
His hand isn't all that large once you take into account the angle of the shot.
In looking at how the light falls you can determine correct measurements,
sorry to kill your freak theory but the man's hands aren't any larger
normal given his large frame.

So this sounds like wording only 3 possible people I know on the planet would use. While I appreciate your input, I still disagree with you. I'm sorry you had to use the Anonymous login, I'd love to debate this with you further.

As much as I understand that you decided to read my drivel, I welcome people to comment on what I say. I will respect comments, knowing that you took the time to read what I wrote, so I will return the thought. If you say who you are, I think it could lead to some very interesting discussions.

**END PSA - Return to your regularly scheduled internet surfing. Especially if at work. ***


At 8:56 AM, Blogger Will said...

I can say for sure those hands were HUGE! I still can't believe he did the splits -- Amazing.

At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if Will says so it must be true. He's not a man I'd disagree with too often.

Sorry didn't mean to cause a debate was just putting some old math and proportional analysis skills to work along with some basic forensics. I didn’t log in because you wouldn’t have any clue who I am anyway. (found your blog by way of just having way too much time on my hands while I work) So I can promise there are at least 4 people in the world that word things the way I do.... not that I thought my wording was all that odd. Oh and by the way... you said “he had this to say”- what makes you so sure I’m male?

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Kuflax said...

I apoligize for the generalization when I made reference to the gender. The 3 people I had in mind were all male, so I was making a reference directed at one of them.

But thanks for checking out my blog. And if you don't disagree with Will, then you should get to know him a little better ;)

And feel free to comment away - who knows when it might spark some debate.

At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I started out reading Will's blog then followed a link to yours when I was bored. I don't post much at his because to be honest most of the time I wouldn't know where the hell to start.

As far as the sex thing- don't worry about it. I was just teasing. Don't you know that giving men a hard time is a national female passtime?

Also besides the fact that you were thinking of people you know, math and science are still thought of as a guy thing. (What can I say I'm a bit of a geek that way.)

I promise too, that after this I won't be a smart ass anymore. If i feel the need to post I'll use a name. Wait- I'm sure I'll still be a smart ass just not an anonymous one.


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