Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Everybody Says It

But, man, I'm getting old.

And it's weird too, because I'm not really getting old. I'm only 28 for cryin' out loud. I plan on living for a VERY long time. But I feel like I'm getting old.

I had a headache last week for the first time in, well, forever. I just don't get headaches. I'll get the flu, or a cold, but no headaches. My family always thought it was weird when I was growing up, but my brain never hurt. I'd get knocked around alot playing QB for the Traveling Circus, but that kinda headache is different. But last week, it felt like someone stabbed a Jeopardy buzzer behind my eyes and kept pushing the button.

"I'll take 'The Rapists' for $200 Alex."
"......... that 'therapists' Sean, not 'The Rapists."

And maybe it's just been quite sometime since I received a royal beatdown at QB, but I felt like a cripple getting up this morning. I had only one "ouch" play on Saturday ( as opposed to the 20-30 'ouch' plays that happened behind the Circus offensive line ). I was playing free safety, and went up for a ball, and came down ass-over-tea kettle on my back. Sunday it was a little sore, but today, my neck and shoulders are killing me. This is the kinda thing that never used to linger through the week.

Does it get worse every year? Or did I just kinda go through a threshold as I approach 30? I can still run as fast, and am as strong as normal - so when does that stuff start to fade away? When do I get too old to have to stop playing Playstation? Am I going to get too old for this blogging craze? Am I going to have to switch from beer to Brandy Old Fashions pretty soon? Am I going to have to stop making SNL references? I've already started listening to AM Talkradio everyonce and awhile, when do I have to stop listening to FM altogether?? I'm like the third oldest guy on my team, can I still hang out with them? I thought you were supposed to have less questions about life as you get older......

Great, now I'm going to lay awake all night wrestling with these questions. That is if I don't have to get up to pee every hour.


At 8:04 AM, Blogger Will said...

We'll never be too old for Playstation. Never. Just get those thoughts out of your head. Never.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Nick said...

I hear yah...

Nothing makes you feel older than waking up and having your knees all sore from running the night before.

I thought only old people were supposed to have creaky knees.

At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, I just can't stay quiet. If you guys feel old than I am ancient. And trust me, the aches and pains only get worse. Something tells me you guys will still be doing the Playstation stuff when you are as old as I am. (53). Hint Hint Matt, so you can guess who this is. By the way, I wish Will would go back to the old pic of the guy with the sandwich board. I REALLY liked it.


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