Sunday, October 16, 2005

Playa Hater

I've said before that I don't like Duke basketball, the University of Miami football, the Dallas Cowboys, the Lakers, and the Yankees. As I began to follow sports, those were the teams that ALWAYS seemed to win, and enjoyed doing it. They were good, brash teams. They were always the Bane to whomever I was rooting for. So I began to just root for whoever was playing them in hopes that they would lose.

So I guess you could call me a Playa Hater for rooting against them because they were good. I never gave much thought as to what it felt like to be "Hated" against, and quite frankly, I never cared.

But now, the Hitmen are in a situation that seems to be bringing the Playa Haters out of the woodwork. We won yet again this weekend, making us undefeated for the entire regular season. But the vibe from the league, refs, and other teams is a general "F. U." to the Hitmen organization. Like we shouldn't be this good. We're Rodney Dangerfield, we ain't gettin' no respect!

But why the hatin'? We're a class organization. We have home and away jerseys (which is more than some of the teams can say). We bring more fans than anyone else (and most of the fans live out in the boonies). We were the first team (last year) to not have a single player/coach, and went with a coaching staff that didn't suit up. We raise alot of money for our team, and have good community involvement. We play clean, no fights. We're all talented football players in a good situation. So why the hatin'?

And that got me to thinking about the teams I grew up hatin' against. While each team had a couple of bad seeds ( except for the Cowboys, who had ALOT of bad seeds ), I would imagine that most of the players were good guys that happened into really good situations. They didn't do anything to warrant my dislike, other than they won. Alot.

So I guess it came down to some jealousy issues. And perhaps that's what's going on in the IFL. We're a relatively new team, so maybe there's some hatin' going on because we became a success right away. I don't know. But we don't plan on stopping anytime soon, so I guess I should get used to it.

But it's not like we invented anything to get where we are. It's pretty simple. We have a Head Coach that's very organized, and detail oriented. We have position coaches that follow the direction of the Head Coach, and translate that down to the position players. We have athletic players that accept their role on the team. Hell, I've played four different positions this year, and I understand that's my role, and I love it. We play smart football, mostly due to the fact that we're prepared because of our coaches. It's a pretty simple formula. It's not rocket science. Any of the other teams could use the same formula, and they'd win more too.

Quotes from the Playa Hater Ball:
Ice T announcing nominees for 'Playa Hater of the Year', "The nominees are... Buck Nasty. Buck Nasty is nominated for getting his best friend's girlfriend pregnant, then tricking his best friend into raising the little motherfucker. The next nominee is... Pit Bull. Pit Bull is nominated for calling the cops on his drug-dealing neighbors, not because it was the right thing to do, but just 'cause he was jealous of all the money they was makin'. And the final nominee is... Silky Johnston. Silky Johnston is nominated for calling in a bomb threat at the Special Olympics."
Buck Nasty, "Man, you should take that cane, and beat whoever made that suit to death."
Silky Johnston, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go put water in Buck Nasty's Mama's dish."
Ice T, "And the winner of Playa Hater of the year is.......... Silky Johnston!" [Applause] Pit Bull, "Kiss my ass!! Kiss my ass!! I'm the biggest Hater!!"

You know, as long as we're winning, I don't mind gettin' hated on. But I still don't like Duke, Miami, the Lakers, Cowboys, or Yankees any more than I did before.

***UPDATE*** Speaking of Playa Hatin' - I'm trying to get a picture of Silky Johnston on here... and Blogger is being salty about putting pictures up tonight.


At 8:13 AM, Blogger Will said...

I'm reminded of a song from Insane Clown Posse -- "Please don't hate me, but I've been ** ** ** **. I never meant to hurt you though..."

If you were thristy you'd drink some hateraide.
If you lived in a swamp you'd be an allihater.


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