Tuesday, October 18, 2005

So There's Nothing Left?

If this would get a mention on Fark.com, the headline would read something like...

"Having solved all other social problems, Wisconsin Legislature drafts bill to ban expiration dates on gift certificates."

So have we really solved everything else? Our law makers have enough time on their hands to deal with this pressing issue now?

The above article is dated from August, but the bill is now coming up for vote. Glad we came to a consensus on that whole pesky property tax freeze, and that we've worked out a solution to pay our teachers enough money. Or that we're doing enough as a state to keep the 440th here in town.

Look, I like the idea of not having an expiration date on gift certificates. But I don't think my lawmakers should be wasting their time making it illegal for the Home Depot to not honor a GC that some schmuck left in his wallet for 3 years. If you can't come up with something to buy from a place in say, a years time, then too bad for you. I'm sure the accountants are gonna love this one... "Oh, here's my GC from five years ago, when you guys were owned by someone else. I wanna buy this socket set."

And while you're at it my hard working lawmakers... the street light out in front of my house hasn't been working for a week, can you do something about that? Thanks, I know you're busy and all solving all the real problems that citizens of our state have.


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