Monday, October 31, 2005

Simply the Best

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes collection is coming out for X-mas, and in conjunction with that, Universal Syndicate is reprinting several Calvin and Hobbes comics in newspapers, leading up to Dec.31, the 10 year anniversary of the end of the strip.

As my family knows, Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite strip. They got me the books, and I read them till they were dog-eared. I got an "A" on a project in the 6th grade, for making an enlarged Hobbes. We were learning about how they make billboards, and the process of how they make a copy of a normal page the size of a billboard. So we were given an assignment of taking something from the funny papers and using the grid method we learned, make a big replica of a character. I was the only one that picked a character from Calvin and Hobbes. I wish I still had that Hobbes I made.

Very interesting article about the creator, Bill Watterson, here. The collection books that he narrates in the beginning, really give you extra appreciation for what he did.

On a different plane, here's an interesting article I found that makes the case that "Fight Club" is really Calvin and Hobbes all grown up.

No strip even came close to C&H. "Get Fuzzy" is a good one, but it's not the same. I read C&H as a kid, and it had appeal. Sure, some of the Calvin strips read a little different as an adult, but that just adds to the appeal.

For Halloween:

For deer season:

Shooting a guy in an office? This idea would never fly today. But this strip cracks me up years later. Good idea, mixed with good art. Click the comic to see a bigger version for a better read.

For me:


At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice work, Matt. I do love the strip myself and knew exactly what you had done when I saw the pictures. I was hoping for one large snowman with an angry expression chasing the litle ones across the lawn. Stay young, and pass those books on to little ones!!


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