Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mine Eyes, They Go Blind

At first I didn't add the pictures above to enliven the blog. I was going crazy working on some flash animations, that I had to take time out and push the reset button for my brain. I did so by putting a picture of a squirrel and his enormous testicles, a surprised baby monkey, and a yelling actor up above.

The healing powers of funny pictures can do the mind wonders.

So now it's back to the flash project for school. I'm still a bit ahead of the class, they're still doing some HTML stuff, but you can see what I've started here. You need the flash plug in ( most new comps should have it ), and a higher screen resolution and some speakers.

Okay, okay. That's not really my project. But OH MY GOD. That's all done with flash. Someday, maybe like 23 years from now, I'd like to make the Hitmen Site that cool. I think I just spent a whole 45 min looking around that 2Advanced website. That Experimental section is pretty cool.

Well, I'm going back to my crappy "Ball turns into Square, which changes color, then moprhs into three words across the screen" flash project. Damn you programmers. But for the two of you that have more free time at work, if you want something more interactive than the above site, check out Sodaplay. Go to the 'zoo', and mess with the gravity, and other 'forces'. Kept me busy for another half hour.


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