Friday, November 04, 2005

Better the Second Time Around

Despite my bitchings about code, I'm still having fun with web design. I'm still not nearly as good at it as I'd like to be, but it's fun to learn and to play with.
So tonight, I made a web album. When you actually learn to use the software correctly, it's a huge timesaver. Duh. God bless the programmers that think of this stuff. What could have taken 30-40 hours if done by hand, was finished in about 3 with help of a batch program.

For the Traveling Circus, when I put photos up on that site, I had only about 32 pictures, and like a RETARD, I made thumbnails and new picture pages BY HAND. Yes, that was stupid, but so was leaving the team without kicking someone in the balls.

For my new baby, the Muskego Hitmen site, I added 171 pictures in just under the aforementioned 3 hours. ***high fives self*** And that includes the FTP time ( transferring the pics from my comp to the server ), which took its sweet time over the DSL line.

I even added a flash button! Woo hoo! My first! ***pats self on back*** Although I can't change the sound it makes when you use the button, but I'll work on that. ***pats self on back for the sound itself, even if self doesn't like it***

So as if there isn't enough on the internet to look at, now I've given you something else to do for a half hour at work. Check it out peeps.


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