Wednesday, November 02, 2005

And Then the Clowns Cried

I found a brief follow up story to the uber-offensive tombstones that were part of some Halloween Decorations in Centerville, Mn. The story is short enough to copy and paste here, avoiding the clicky-goodness. - 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS
Racy tombstones replaced by others
Updated: 10/28/2005 08:46:49 AM
Halloween tombstones offend neighbors (Oct. 25)Although a Centerville woman has agreed to remove several suggestive Halloween tombstones, the controversy is far from over.
The tombstones each have names that double as puns, such as I.P. Freely and Ben Dover. Some of the names, however, are offensive to Heather Pranke’s neighbors and some passers by.
Pranke agreed to remove three of the most offensive tombstones, but those are being replaced by six more.
As Pranke was installing the additional signs, a driver yelled out “They’re disgusting!”
Robert Nelson, her neighbor two doors down, thinks the humor is not appropriate for such a public display. “Some things are better for a bar than a front yard,” said Nelson. “There were some that rhyme with duck.”
Pranke hopes her neighbors are less offended with the new signs, which include such names as ‘Mia Butreaks’ and ‘Ilene Dover.’
“I just want everyone to enjoy my sense of humor as much as I do,” says Pranke.

What a sad, sad city.


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