Friday, November 04, 2005

More Chins Than A Chinese Phonebook

Check out this photo of the CEO of Exxon Mobil....

Them are some jowls. But he's uber rich, so I bet he's got a hot wife. Ladies, does money really make that much difference? I realize it's billions we're talking about... but c'mon! Look at those jowls! Now think of the rest of him, and tell me if you still feel like having lunch today.

And let me get this straight... six months ago, with LESS demand for gas, you raised gas prices to almost 3 bucks a gallon... and now, with more demand ( heating season ), you're producing enough gas that prices are down 70 cents..... all the while you've recorded record profits. I really should take an economics class so that I don't always feel like I'm getting bent over by huge corporations.

Look at that chin! If we could somehow merge him with the server with enormous hands, we'd have a gold mine for the circus.


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