Sunday, November 06, 2005

Is This Heaven? No, It's Charlotte

I might quite possibly have been waiting my WHOLE life for a story like this, and it didn't even make the front page of

If this article came out on April 1st, I wouldn't believe it. But I guess Christmas came a little early this year in Charlotte.

I'm not even really sure what to say about this story. I'm almost speechless. Which is kinda disconcerting, given the topic at hand.

The two girls pictured above are cheerleaders for the Carolina Panthers of the NFL. Apparently, they were having sex with each other in the bathroom of a bar. And apparently, patrons of this bar became upset with how long they were in the bathroom for, so the police got called.

Let me say that again, cuz it was fun to say. Two NFL cheerleaders were caught having sex with each other. I was just complimenting the Bucs cheerleaders, and then the Panthers "TopCats" go and take the cake for the year. God Bless them.

I want to move to Charlotte. Nothing this cool will EVER happen in Milwaukee. I really don't know what else to say. I wish I had some insightful commentary on this.... but all I really got is ..... Cheerleaders gettin' it on! Woo Hoo!


At 9:07 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

You go ahead to Charlotte, I'm going to Tampa.

At 8:28 AM, Blogger Will said...

In 2001 Milwaukee was named the No. 1 rated city for lesbians, according to Girlfriends magazine (jsonline article:

I'm thinking that this kind of thing happens all the time in our fair city, be we never see it cause WE'RE NOT LESBIANS!!! You don't get in on all the snatch-eating action when YOU HAVE A PENIS!

At 9:49 AM, Blogger Nick said...

I know that TMQ often talks about cheerleaders needing to show "professionalism" but wearing summer uniforms even when it's bitter cold to appease the football gods...

I think that this is going above and beyond the call of duty... God bless those fine cheerleaders. Too bad they'll probably get kicked off the team for this... but everyone knows they'll be able to now have a successful career in porn.


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