Thursday, November 10, 2005

Saved? Or the Calm Before the Storm?

This evening I feel much better. Had a meeting this morning, and was pretty much the same as yesterday, but got to go home, and now this evening I'm hangin' in there. The anti-inflammatory is working pretty good.

And this respite is coming at a pretty good time. I got all the rest of the stuff for Friday's presentation sent to me today, and now we're looking at doubling the presentation. Good times. Hopefully, I can get most of it done here tonight, go in at 7, have them tell me to change everything, and go from there.

(They wouldn't really tell me to change everything, would they?)

On some happier notes:

Banana Joe's ( the bar now famous for Cheerleaders gettin' it on ) - is having 'no cover' this weekend to anyone dressed as a cheerleader. Professional cheerleaders are going to drink for free over the weekend. GREAT marketing tool. Genius.

Also something that caught my eye, the NY Jets have signed a guy that hasn't played organized football since the EIGHT GRADE. How does this happen in the middle of a season? How can there not be ONE other player at that position that played college ball, but didn't get drafted that can't be signed? The article says that "He'll be a project"... so why bring him in now? If you need someone, there's LOTS of street free agents out there. Hey, if anyone from the 49'ers organization comes across this, I'm a QB lookin for a job. I've got a decent arm, and I sure as hell can take a hit. And I've played organized ball past the eighth grade, so I've got that going for me.

I'll be waiting for my call.


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