Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hope Bubba Kept the Bunk Warm

Anyone else weirded out by this Steven Avery story that going on? For those non-cheeseheads that come across this blog, Avery was convicted in 1985 for a sexual assault. In 2003, he was released after DNA testing proved that he was innocent.

(interesting side note about the release - The information came back from the crime lab the morning before he was actually released. The judge that read the report, who was actually the same one that sentenced him, read the report before lunch. He wasn't released until the NEXT day. How does that happen? "Excuse me Mr. Avery, you've been found innocent. We should have you out of here sometime tomorrow." )

Well, it turns out that they should have kept him in jail. Not for the sexual assault, but to stop him from committing a crime once he was out. Avery is going to be charged with murdering a woman who came to look at a car on his family's lot.

They've found his DNA in her car, and the key to her car hidden ( not very well ) in his bedroom. They've found charred remains of a female on his property. When told of the evidence against him, even his family turned on him.

You would think that after 18 years in prison, you'd be on your best behavior, especially when you were wrongfully imprisoned for so long. He said all the right things upon his release in 2003, but it would appear now that the guy is just a straight sicko. He said upon his release that while he didn't enjoy his time in there, he was just happy to be out. Well, he's really not going to like it this time.

The whole thing just kinda creeps me out.


At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Y D said...

FYI.......this yahoo also had two other felony convictions on his record.....I think one was for assault - not sure about the other

At 10:25 AM, Anonymous lynn said...

One of the others was for pouring gas on a cat and throwing it into a bond fire-live....anyone that can do that to an animal can do that to a person. I'll hold back judgement for now, but I don't have much of a soft spot for cat killers.


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