Saturday, November 19, 2005

Enough Already Guys

I say 'Guys' in the title, because no woman with any stitch of fashion sense has a hand in the latest debacles that are college football uniforms.

Nike (who makes some very fine products, and I say that even though they don't give me free sh*t anymore), has launched their "Revolution" uniform designs this year. They stem from the under garment apparel that sports different colored sleeves. Schools are hopping on this train like a someone paid the Athletic Directors large amounts of money to wear..........

Oh wait. That's why they're wearing the uniforms. Bad analogy.

Here's a couple of examples of the uni's that gave me a headache this Rivalry weekend.

Yuck. Some of the players are opting to wear long sleeves under just ONE arm, continuing the mismatched color all the way down that arm. Blue and Orange are contrasting enough, so you don't have to accentuate it with the shoulder. And I'm not a big fan of the maroon and orange of VT either.

But where does it stop? Even if you found color schemes that would look better in contrast, it has to end somewhere.

At least Wisconsin wears Adidas. So we'll never have to see the above in real life. And so help me, if they ever mess with the best uniforms in all of sport, then the universe might collapse in upon itself. But I'm pretty sure with JoePa at the helm we'll never have to see something like this.....

I feel kinda blasphemous for having made that. But atleast I used Larry Johnson in the pic.

And just to add to my disdain of the "U", the University of Miami is rolling out the Revolution jerseys this weekend too. I might have thrown up in my mouth if I had put a picture up of what those uni's would look like. Not that they stand a chance, but I'm a huge Georgia Tech fan tonight. Go Yellow Jackets!!

******UPDATE****** GT WINS!! They beat Miami 14-10! Bu-bye BCS Miami. Now they'll have more time to make more rap albums.


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