Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Don Tightens the Noose

Home from work early today, because I have to go back from 6-9, so posting aplenty today.

In yet another wonderful example of the Goliath that the NFL has become, Terrell Owens was told to f*ck off. STORY HERE

Wow. Was this really a surprise coming? An employer basically firing a guy for insubordination? Well, not even firing him really, because he's going to get paid through the end of January.

When did player unions decide that professional athletes should be give more "rights" than any other employee on the planet? How far up up your ass does you head have to be to argue that T.O. is being oppressed by not being released?

So imagine this: You decide to go work for a company in a high profile job. Being high profile, and the fact that not many people can do your job as well as you can, they pay you VERY well. After being there for a brief period of time, you call your boss a proverbial jackass, cite that your company is "classless", and say very disparaging things about another high profile co-worker.

At this point, your company tells you that they are going to suspend you for four weeks, during which time you will NOT be paid. After the four weeks are up, they have told you to not come to work, but you WILL be paid after that point.

Where else in the world would this ever happen, except for professional sports? And where does the players union get off saying that T.O. is being treated unfairly after all this? What's so unfair? Please explain that to me.

The NFL is the most successful pro league. Tags has done an outstanding job of keeping the league in it's current state. I'm quite happy that they have the balls to stand up to these asshats that don't understand the difference between a privilege and a right. The league is more important than an individual, and it's a privilege to play in the league. The people telling these athletes otherwise deserve a big punch in the mouth.


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