Saturday, November 26, 2005


On this wonderfully crappy day (weather wise), Sky Dork has made a triumphant return to the Mid-West. He is in Chicago visiting his sister, so there's a chance that we might head on down for some dinner with the Dork and his wife. Josh and Betsy are already set to go, so we'll try to work out a few kinks, and hopefully get some good eats in today.

Of course we'll be happy to see Sky Dork, but then again... it's Due's pizza.

More to talk about later, cuz I'll be f*cked if I'm going outside today ( except for Due's ). Some asshat thought it would be a good idea to snowblow the entire church property at 7:30 this morning. I could understand doing the sidewalk if they're going to have patrons today... but they were out there for over an hour and a half! So I'm pretty wired already this morning. Oh joy.


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