Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Not Our Problem Any More

Recent exchange between me and Nort on IM.... edited for clarity and to avoid linkage....

nort: got a call from Miller today - the Travelling Circus owes them $500 from a game in July
kuflax: hahahahaaha
kuflax: you tell her to go stick it, cuz it's not your problem?
nort: nope, just got a message on my answering machine at home
nort: they've already tried to contact Virgil and Jenny with no response
kuflax: how'd you get the call? zimm's name was on the bill last i checked
kuflax: hahahahahaha
nort: if I don't call them back, it's time for legal action
nort: he found my number off of one of the checks
kuflax: hahahahaha
kuflax: they don't have $500
kuflax: they didn't even have enough to pay back the jerseys
nort: oh, and in today's mail - looks like a bill from MPS
kuflax: LOL
nort: addressed to Virgil with my address
kuflax: prolly for the practice field
mgarb: sure
kuflax: i'll call jenny tonight
nort: looks like another 5 or 600, from what I can see
kuflax: lol
kuflax: i have to head into work in a few min - i'll call jenny from work and break the bad news
nort: cool - how late are you workin till?
kuflax: if they don't pay miller soon - they won't get any beer for next year

This is even funnier if you know the history. As mentioned in the exchange, I have to run into work, I'll post about why this is f*cking funny when I get back.


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