Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Still Don't Get It...

I watched curling for almost an hour and a half today, and I still don't understand the strategy to that game. Keep in mind I said the strategy, not the concept of the sport. I fully understand you need to get your stones in the circles, and keep the opposing stones out.

But sometimes in the course of a match, they sit and discuss the next shot for over FIVE minutes. They can even call a timeout in curling!!! WTF??? Shouldn't just about all of curling strategy be mapped out by now? In football, playbooks have HUNDREDS of plays, but in certain situations, you only use one or two of them - and you only get 25 seconds to make that decision. In chess, there's thousands of combinations of moves, but a skilled chess player can recognize a strategy and plan out a counter strategy in a few moments.

So how, after over 100 years of competitive curling, have they not mastered basic strategy? If the stones are positioned in a particular pattern, someone by now should have figured out the highest percentage play based off that alignment. I don't get it.

But I still love watching the sport, and today, I wasn't even drinking. Nort especially is becoming hooked.

Nort: when are we going broomstacking next?
Nort: "One great tradition in curling is broomstacking. The term refers to the social get-together after each game. Originally, curlers, after completing a curling game on the pond, would stack their brooms in front of the fire and enjoy beverages with the opponent. This tradition is still alive today and it is expected that you partake in broomstacking after every game."
kuflax: sweet
Nort: you must go out drinking afterwards!!!
kuflax: our kinda sport!
Nort: how come this shit isn't published more?!?
kuflax: looks like you've found your calling
Nort: woo hoo!
Nort: there's a special handshake!!!
kuflax: LOL
Nort: I'm gonna love this!
kuflax: ut-oh

Although, I've never seen Nort on ice, so that alone may be worth the price of admission.


At 1:27 AM, Anonymous YD said...

OK bud......here's some trivia for ya...
Your great grandfather (Arthur Kufahl) owned a broom factory - Kufahl/Peterson Brooms......one of the products they made was.........curling brooms

At 10:17 AM, Blogger Will said...

I'm in... but I'll need a ride.


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