Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why Can't He Go Away???

They announced the crew that will work the Monday Night Football games upon it's move to ESPN next season.

Mike Tirico, Joe Thiesmann, and Tony Kornheiser. Suzy Kolber and Michelle Tafoya will do the sideline reporting.

Tirico's a great play-by-play man. He has done alot of the college game before, but often gets lost in the shadow behind Keith Jackson and Brent Musburger. Kornheiser is a smart, enthusiastic sports guy, although doesn't come from a 'football' background like previous color commentators have. His television day job, PTI (Pardon the Interruption) with Mike Wilbon, will continue to air. It's a great show, and the banter back and forth on there is excellent. Will it carryover to the booth? I don't think so, and there's one big reason why.

Joe Theismann. By all accounts, he seems like a nice guy. But he's a terrible color man. If they were looking for a quarterback to offset Kornheiser, Dan Fouts isn't doing much these days. Why, oh why do they have to keep Theismann?

Maybe Kolber or Tafoya will have a baby in the next year, and they'll have to replace one of them on the sidelines. Only then, I can pray that Lawrence Taylor is given a shot as a sideline reporter. That alone should be good enough to drive Theismann out of the booth.

Lost in all of this, is that Al Michales is not returning to do either football, or basketball this next season. So let me get this straight - we have to keep listening to Madden and Theismann, but Al Michaels isn't given a job?

When I run things around here, sh*t like this won't happen.


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