Monday, January 30, 2006

Safety Tips

Slow news day today-
  • Lids signed on as the Defensive Coordinator for the Hitmen. He said the selling point for him was during the coaches meeting - the coaches were discussing what is acceptable behavior for players/coaches, and fighting came up. Lids was SHOCKED to learn that there are football teams that will NOT put up with individuals that slap one another. Go figure.
  • Got a whole gaggle of changes on the Hitmen site, so if you haven't checked it out in a bit, go take a peek. Hopefully the schedule will be out in a couple of weeks.
  • Then, if you need a good laugh, go check out the site for the Milwaukee Traveling Circus. Makes me cringe, but laugh maniacally at the same time. I know I lean on Nort for QA on the Hitmen site alot - but my God... have they not ever heard of a 'preview'?
  • My company is turning 30 at the end of April, and I was told to take on less projects starting after next week, because at that time I will be starting work on the multi-media project to go along with the big 'birthday bash'. WTF?? We're turning 30, and I have to block off three months for a slideshow? When I lamented that it's not going to take me three months, one response from a GM was "Well, we're gonna want sound and music with it too." He said that with a straight face. I got as far as, "It's still not gonna ta....." before I nodded and just accepted the fact that I wasn't getting out of the meeting next week.
  • I've been mowing down these pasta salad's by Betty Crocker, but I wonder one thing. They come in a box, with the kind of top like you find on a cereal box. You know, the kind with the 'tab' on one side, and the 'slit' on the other, so you can reseal the box. But there CANNOT possibly be any circumstance where you'd need to close the box to protect the contents after you've opened it. The pasta comes in a plastic bag inside, and the seasoning for the 'dressing' comes in a packet, which once opened requires you to use the WHOLE thing. It's not set up to cook only HALF the contents.... so why the tab top? Every single person that purchases this product will be throwing away the box within 15 minutes of opening it....... I don't get it.
  • Know What I Mean is accepting applications for 'sophisticated' TV shows I should watch, now that NBC is finally putting 'The West Wing' out of it's misery. The show has essentially been on hospice care ever since they made the poor decision to move it to Sunday nights - but it was not long for this world for many years after Sorkin stopped being 'hands-on' with the show. While I disagreed with most of the politics presented on the show, the writing at one time was leaps and bounds beyond any other show on TV. I also enjoyed the 'procedure' that the show presented... the day to day activities in the White House that go on - that at times were very non-political. But the prospect of basically having to start the show over with a new administration, and the death of the actor that played the pivotal role in the show left them with few options other than to pull the plug. It will be missed, and I will be forced to get seasons 2-the end on DVD - and hopefully find another show to pay attention to. Suggestions from the faithful masses?
  • I have just about become a convert - I now drink coffee. For the longest time, I wouldn't touch the stuff. I always thought it smelled great if someone was making it in the morning, but couldn't get past the taste. With somewhat of a regular schedule now, I've learned the joys of the caffeine kick that a cup of coffee can provide. And it helps if you put a bunch of cream and a bunch of sugar in for the taste. Now I see how people get things done before nine am.
  • Carnival of the Badger coming up on Thursday. Submissions are due Wednesday. I'm a Carnival virgin, and I'm wondering if I should be getting nervous. Lids talks ALL the time about how performance anxiety really puts a damper on the mood.... I'm hoping I don't have to be like him and find out myself.

We'll stop there while we give him an appropriate time to come up with a comeback ;)

And I'll leave you with the proof of the demise of ESPN. Their poll tonight? Who is the best player to never play in a SuperBowl? OJ, Earl Campbell, Warren Moon, Dan Fouts, or Barry Sanders?........ You have to ask? Sadly, 17% of the readers of got it wrong when they didn't vote for Barry. Every single state in the nation voted for Barry. How desperate is ESPN getting? How did that get to the poll? Are they really that dry on ideas? Someone please help them.


At 8:12 AM, Anonymous YD said...

Looking for "Sophisticated" TV hmmmm???
Ain't much out there....
I like Boston Legal (it cracks me up); if you're not watching at least one of the innumerable L&O's your mommy will disown you; NICS isn't bad; for your really off-the-wall entre'e I would suggest "Ted or Alive" - I'm not at all into "reality" shows, but this one is truly strange.

At 2:13 PM, Blogger Nick said...

Battlestar Galactica dude. Its on Friday nights which sucks... but Tivo it. Tricia Helfer kicks your number one's butt... seriously dude. Oh yeah, its sophisticated too. I have the mini-series, the 1st season, and the first half of season two on DVD if you want to watch it.

At 7:03 PM, Blogger Nort said...

You had to ask if ESPN was out of ideas, didn't you? Today's poll: "When did you first learn Jerome Bettis was from Detroit?" - 'Before or during the playoffs' or 'within the last 10 days' are your two choices.

I really want to get on a plane to Bristol and punch someone in the face.

Only Washington and Wyoming (with 30 total votes) didn't pay any attention to this years playoff games.

Dare I ask what tomorrow's poll will be?

At 10:21 AM, Blogger ptg said...

I recommend NCIS.

Also - checked out the Travelling Circus website. I'm so, so sad to report that my orthopedic (who I love dearly) is now apparently supporting them. I will have to go and kick his butt now.


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