Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lovely Lisa

Flipping through the channels while I attempted to fall asleep last night, I came across a show on the E! Channel that caught me by surprise. It seems that Lisa Loeb has a show on about her love life, or lack there of.
The lovely Lisa is having a hard time finding a man, and the show is about the struggle of balancing a career and the search for love. Now, I couldn't tell you another song she's had since her 'hit' a few years back, and I even had to go to Google to get the name of that one ("Stay") - but she is a Know What I Mean certified cutie. She comes off as very sweet and intelligent on the show, so I can't figure out how hard it can be for her to find a man.

While I mentioned a while back that the Hogan family has a reality show that I liked, and will watch if I see it - I don't think this is a show that I will be planning my schedule around. I just found it really interesting that there is a show about her. Although, I will try to catch at least the next episode though. The 'teaser' for next weeks show has her in a thong.... yummy. She goes to New York, and is doing some type of show/interview. She shows up and meets the host, who's thrilled to have her on the show, and she is equally thrilled to be there. At this point, the host says, "Well, lets see the panties" - and the next clip is her in her thong, asking if they're alright.

That's a helluva teaser to get me to watch the next episode.

But the high comedy point on the show I did see, came when she was set up on a blind date at a friend's house. Everything is going well, until someone busts out the karoke machine. The 'date' then proceeds to sing......... wait for it........... "Stay", her biggest hit ever. Train-wreck comedy right there. You could literally see her squirming in her seat as he botched the song. And by saying he 'botched' it is being very generous to him.

They cut to her in the kitchen with her friend, sort of 'Real World' confessional style shot with her ripping him apart. There's a chorus in the song that goes: "No no no no no no no" - and they show him singing that part, and then cut to her in the kitchen saying "Everything was going well, then he sang my song. No no no no no no no, not good." I almost bust a gut. I would pay good money to be in the same room as that guy when he sees the episode on TV.


At 8:12 AM, Blogger Will said...

I would totally tag that! I think Lisa Loeb is hot, and I wish she would do more acting. She was in Cupid on ABC years ago with Corey Piven, but that's about all I've seen her in. Too bad.

I would totally close up her eye!


At 9:16 AM, Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

Lisa Loeb is not balancing a "career" and anything else, unless you count working the fry machine at Burger King to be a career.

At 1:19 AM, Blogger MrHinge said...

Lisa Loeb in a thong huh. Makes me wish I had cable tv.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Will said...

You need to remind me when this is going to be on, cause I have to watch this.


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