Sunday, February 12, 2006

Me and Bucky, Back Together Again

For years, I spent the weekends as a transplanted University of Wisconsin Student. I never actually took any classes there, or paid any tuition, but I always felt right at home on campus. I even spent a summer living there with a couple friends of mine.

I did some work for the University, working for a company that worked with athletes on speed performance. That job got me on the field for a few pregame festivities for football, but the student section was the place to be.

My number one all time sports 'moment' was the day that Ron Dayne broke the collegiate rushing record. It was the end of October, but it was in the 70's for kickoff. There was a grandparent sitting in the student section with us. The whole experience is worthy of a separate post, which I'll get to eventually.

But this weekend was pretty cool on the UW coolness meter. The Badgers hosted the Frozen Tundra Hockey Classic at Lambeau Field on Saturday. 40,800 of my closest friends came out to watch a hockey game between the Badgers and Ohio State.

And yes, they played "Jump Around" before the third period. And yes, it F'IN rocked. That tradition may not be as old as others around the country, but it is one of the coolest.

I may say that I wish I could be a kid forever, but I hope I never say, or feel that I'm too old to attend a Badger sporting event. I may not have taken any classes, but I can 'Jump Around' with the best of 'em. And when I do get to old to "get out yer seat", then someone better put some hydraulics on the wheelchair, dawg.

Best chant of the day? Two college kids were trying to start the wave in our section, and they happend to be shirtless. ( they were dudes, so don't even think about it Dave ) After they were unsucessful in their first few attempts, our section started pointing at them and chanting:

*clap - clap - clap clap clap*

I love college chants.

Gee, when I have kids, you don't think I might suggest that they go to Madison for college do you?


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