Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Take Two

Click for a bigger image. This is the picture I was trying to put up last night. Bob's usual lens was in the shop, and this was taken at night, so there was no way to have this picture NOT come out blurry - but I like it. This won't make much sense for people that never played football - but that's kinda what it looks like out on the field while you're playing. Especially at quarterback. There's ten guys ( all bigger than you are ), standing within FEET of you, with body parts flailing around, and grunts, and all moving different directions. Some of the guys within feet of you are literally trying to send you to the hospital, because it means their team has a better chance of winning then. Then, there's ten other guys on the field, all running various directions away from you. Half of them are on your team, and the other half aren't. And you have to process this information of who's going where, and when they're gonna be there, in under two seconds.

So it kinda looks like the picture above. God I love that sport.

And P.S. - My mechanics are JUST FINE in that picture. Non-throwing hand below eye level - shoulders square to the target - arm coming down in an overhand throwing motion - not throwing off my back foot ( as evidenced by the back foot OFF the ground as it should be ) - eyes looking down field, not up.............. so yeah. Just thought I'd point that out. No, I'm not bitter.


At 4:54 PM, Blogger Kiki said...

Are you sure your mechanics are fine? Lol

Thanks for the comment on Bethany's site. :)


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