Wednesday, February 27, 2008

At Least It's Not the Mumps

I, like many of my loyal readers, got the flu this week. It was cause for consternation here at the Home Office, as I had already gotten sick once this winter. Now, add in a brand new human being, and you can tell how much fun it's been around here lately.

But we've appeared to have weathered the storm. I should return to work tomorrow, and Lil' Man didn't seem fazed that I got sick. I did stay up with him one night to watch Caddyshack, so I got that goin' for me. He seemed to enjoy it... or at least that's what I'll tell him in 10 years.

The other humorous event came from my trip to the doc's office. Last time I was there was in May, when I messed up my knee. Well, I know I've put on a few pounds since then, so I had them look up what I weighed back then. The nurse was happy to inform me that I was a svelte 194 pounds then. I hopped on the scale, the new number came up... and the nurse tapped the monitor, asked me to step off, and try again.

She thought maybe something was wrong, but there wasn't. The second trip on the scale registered the same number...


But hey, I still ran a 4.8 at the combine a few weeks ago.


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