Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mambo Number Eighty Five

Had the chance to go to the Admirals game last night. ( that's hockey for you outta-towners )

Turned out to be a decent game - even though the Admrials didn't start to really take the game serious until the second period was almost over.

It would have been a great game... because there was alot of opportunities for fights.

BUUUUUUTTTT... there is a ref in the AHL that wears number 85... and he is a gigantic prick. He came flying in outta nowhere to break up almost every fight that was about to happen. I thought the refs were supposed to let it go until one of the guys fell down... but noooooooooo. This asshat had to jump in like he was taking a bullet for the president or something.

There's always one guy that has to ruin the fun for everyone else. Yesterday, I found THAT guy.


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