Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Safety Tips

You're lucky I have to actually do some work in a few minutes, or this post would be REALLY long. So here's a few things I have issue with today. Maybe I'll get around to posting specifics later. But for now, this is going to be a pretty salty version of Safety Tips.

  • There is a congressman that is considering bringing the Terrell Owens situation before the Anti-Trust committee. Are you kidding me? The Eagles still have to pay Owens, so please, please, please explain to me how this hinders 'free trade and commerce'. Ugh.
  • Nort heard on the radio (AM620) this morning that Milwaukee is going to put the Iraqi war up to a vote in the spring elections. Of course, I could not find an article pertaining to this on JSOnline (owned by the same people that put AM620 on the air), but coming from Milwaukee, I'm not really surprised. Confused, annoyed, flustered at this? Yes.
  • Summerfest is going to raise the entry price again. Yes, it's lost some of it's luster with me and my friends over the past few years, but I can't imagine how they can justify raising prices. They have a sweetheart deal for use of the land, and they make more money off of vendor fees, and a cut of beer sales than they do off ticket prices. It's past the point where I'm happy to consider paying $15 to get in, then have to shill out $6 a beer. Summerfest in and of itself is a really great idea. It's just too bad it has to be run in this bass-acwards town.
  • The Packers held the opposing QB to only 98 yds of passing, and still lost. The Bears (which Sky Dork constantly reminds me) have won their last seven. Woe is me.
  • Amongst all the stupidity that is Wisconsin politics, an interesting topic has arose - the city of Sheboygan as a space port. They want to launch rockets from there. That's actually kinda cool. But here's the quote from a former lieutenant governor, "Now people no longer scoff at Buck Rodgers." Some people should just never open their mouths.
  • It took 12 people to design the new XBox. Not the processors, or the embedded code, but the OUTER CASE. Now I don't work for a uber large corporation, but Willy tends to not see the big deal in this. But 12 people? To design an outer case? Even if you come up with something and the techy folks say they can't fit everything in there and you have to modify the design.... 12 people?

I'm going to go see if I can round up twelve people to help me go do my work now. Enjoy your day boys and girls.


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