Sunday, December 04, 2005

We Suck

Karma is a bitch. We were so good for so long - and now the suckitude begins to show it's ugly head.

The Packers lost to the hated Bears today, and yes, I've already received a call from Sky Dork. I don't really know what he wanted, because he wouldn't stop laughing.

I really feel bad for Willy though, because he's going to have to sit 4 feet away from Nort on Monday. ALL DAY. Nort's usually a pretty quiet guy, but I can't imagine it will take long before Willy can't handle the constant sniffles, and mumbling that will be coming from Nort's side of the cubicle. Willy already had Nort on suicide watch after Packer games, and we may have to beef up the resources. Is it in bad taste to send a stripper-gram to someone's' work to try to cheer them up?

Would I have to pay double because he shares a cubicle? Can they dance with the office Muzak playing in the background, or would they have to bring a small boombox? Would it be better in the morning to start his day with, or in the afternoon, when the day seems kinda bleak? Would she have to sign in upon entering the building, or do you suppose security would just let her right in? If I send him a stripper-gram this week, what ever would I get him for Christmas then?

Maybe it's not so bad. I started out dwelling on the Packer loss, and ended with thoughts of stripper-grams. I knew I wasn't going to be on my best behavior this week.


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous Nort said...

Just send the stripper-gram to my house. I'm not going in to work tomorrow.

At 12:04 AM, Blogger Kuflax said...

Yeah right, and have to pay all the extra fees associated with sending her to your house? There's gotta be extra charges for having to travel that far....

Not to mention the "cow avoidance" fee, the "having to drive over unplowed streets" fee, the "GPS so they don't get lost" fee, the "Coleman Lantern because you have no street lights" fee....

Wow, I should go to bed, cuz I really could keep going with that list. And it's that bad huh? One loss to the Bears, and you have to take the day off? We're gonna really start to worry about you soon dude.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger Dirk the Feeble said...

The packers are 2-10. Oh man, it hurts to laugh this hard. Pack and the Eagles, facing off in the playoffs last year, and no hope of even a wild card berth this year. I'm crying on the inside.

At 1:07 AM, Blogger MrHinge said...

I thought they were officially renamed.



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