Thursday, December 01, 2005

Humble Reminders

Yesterday kicked off the start of my new 'promotion'. I still don't have a title, but I'm working on one for you. I work directly for Dave, but report to Kady, and Ray is technically my boss. Make sense? Good.

Dave is the large-and-in-charge man of the Club's IT stuff. Yes, "stuff" is a industry technical term. Dave for his 'real job', works for Fiserv, and is actually incharge of the computers that run the Chicago Stock Exchange. So he's a pretty smart guy, and it's gonna be pretty cool to learn from him. But he cannot be here all the time.... so that leaves the Clubs with........



Mostly I will be doing the hardware maintenance ( each club once a month ), I'll have to do email admin, file access rights, logins, and internet policing. (yes, posting on Blogger would normally be something that I would look as an internet policeman, but I'm on my lunch hour, so we'll let that one slide... it's not like I work at the Tool, and can post whenever I want) There's more to the job, and it will be a very fluid position. In the meantime, I'm also working on the stuff that has to get done for the job I really wanted, so it will make for an interesting month.

So for now, I think I'm just going to call myself a Network Administrator, because most people have atleast heard of that, and then I won't have to explain what I really do.

To kick off the day yesterday I had an illustrious task. Most likely only Nort and Willy are going to find this amusing, as this task sure had a way of bringing me down from the high that was me learning my new job parameters. Item #1 on the list yesterday........ keyboard swap.

Yep, me with my newfound responsibilities and powers had to go out in the cold to the Greenfield club, and replace a keyboard at the front desk that someone spilled soda on. Step one, drive to GF. Step two, unplug old keyboard. Step three, plug in new keyboard. Step four, drive back to office.

Even I couldn't screw that one up. So at least I'm one-for-one on my IT assignments in my new job!! Yea me! And today is month end reports from my old job (which will take all of today and tomorrow), so I'm going to keep the perfect score all the way through the end of the week! Woo hoo!

Speaking of tomorrow, it's only a half day tomorrow, and it marks the 2 year anniversary of me at the AC. After 2 years of service, you get two weeks of vacation time. So I have to burn a half day tomorrow of my newfound vacation time, because the guy coming to fix my TV will be here sometime between 12-4. Don't even get me started again on that. But he'll make my TV better, and we've got the IFL banquet tomorrow night, so should be good times.

Enjoy your Thursday peeps.


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Nick said...

Dude... that's nothing. When I was the Network Admin for the EECS Dept. at MSOE when I was going there... my boss was notoriously cheap. So one of the jobs every break week that me, and the other IT guys had to do was to go and clean all the keyboards with industrial cleaning foam, and high pressure air hoses. We used to get those things bright and new looking (and they were old)... but by the next break week, there were so many dirty finger prints, spilled soda, and hair (I don't even want to know from what or where), that the keyboards looked practically black again.

At 7:29 PM, Blogger Lindsey said...

Ahhhhh gotta love the extra vacation time...mine will be taken soon.

At 5:45 PM, Blogger Party Girl said...

gotta love corporate America and being treated like a mushroom: you live in the dark and are fed shit all day. When I worked in corp. America I refer to these as my soul sucking years.


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