Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did You Grab Your Ankles Yesterday?

Monopoly money. How can the numbers that the government plays with when it comes to budgets/ bailouts/ entitlements/ handouts/ subsidies/ pensions/ infrastructure be real?

Here in Wisconsin, they're gonna pass a gigantic budget. I stopped paying attention when the INCREASE in spending exceeded the 2 BILLION dollar mark. They're gonna increase the gas tax, the cigarette tax, they already increased the 'bed tax' for hospitals. Property taxes are going up. The estate tax went up. They raised the corporate tax level. They increased the cost of vehicle registration. They even added a twenty dollar 'wheel tax' on vehicle registrations in the city of Milwaukee.

They took AWAY a tax credit for companies investing in making medical records digital. They are SOOOO looking for extra money to spend, that they took away money promised to companies for doing something the state ENCOURAGED them to do.

They're gonna tax companies that need to get Air Carrier status. As someone who used to work in the transportation industry, this one is pretty stupid. Air Carrier status means you've taken the steps necessary with the Department of Homeland Security to expedite and streamline the process of transporting things via the air. If you need something to go quickly, you can use any one of a host of airlines to ship your cargo. But it's a absolute nightmare of paperwork and logistics to get it approved, and actually on the plane. But if it's something you need to do business alot, you can get certified as an Air Carrier, and avoid some of the bureaucracy. So it's a good thing if you do it... but Wisconsin, and only Wisconsin wants to tax a company for taking that step.

They're going to REDUCE the capital gains exclusion to 40%

They're going to significantly increase the tax level for the top level earners in Wisconsin.

They want to tax digital ( music and video ) purchases in accordance with the state sales tax here.

But hey, at least we're not Oregon. Oregon wants to raise the beer tax by 1900%.


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