Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three Sides

There's three sides to every story.

Your side, my side... and the truth.

So who really knows what the hell is going on with the whole Favre thing and the Packers? But Sunday, Brett said in an interview that he talked to Ted Thompson about reporting to camp. Favre says that Thompson asked him to hold off, and avoid the circus that would ensue.

Farve also says that he told Thompson that he's willing to come in and "compete for the job". ( for those of you living under a rock - Thompson has said that Brett would have to understand that Rodgers is the starter, that Favre wouldn't be handed his starting job right away ).

Everyone knows Favre is better than Rodgers. I wrote about that a few posts ago. So what I don't understand is that if Favre REALLY said that to Thompson..... it should be story over. Everyone is happy. Packers save face, Favre earns back his starting job. Rodgers would be pissed, but at least he was given a SHOT at the starting job, but was outplayed.

But it's not story over. Thompson told Brett ( according to Brett ) that his competing for the job was not a possibility. That Rodgers "is the starting quarterback".


There HAS to be something going on behind the scenes that isn't making the light of day. There is no logical reason why Thompson wouldn't take Brett back, if Brett concedes he'd have to "win" his job back. Again, it's not so much the competing for the job, because Favre is the better QB no matter how you slice it. So what's really going on? Is Brett a pathological liar? Is Thompson as stupid as a monkey doped up on morphine? Right now, those are the only two possible reasons I can think of that has caused this situation to develop the way it has, unless something is staying behind closed doors.

I said it before, and I'll say it again. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters in the NFL is winning. And Brett gives the Packers the best chance to win right now. I'm one of the millions of people that deified him over the last decade and a half... but as of late, I dislike him a little more each day. But the Packers are the team that I have hitched my wagon onto in this lifetime, and even if I don't like the guy - I want the guy that gives us the best chance.

Which leads me to wonder what we DON'T know. I know Thompson's side of the story. I know Brett's side of the story. Neither story meshes with the other. So what's the truth?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How Many Takes Though?

Christmas In July

Or close to it...

Tonight, I saw not one, not two... but THREE separate commercials for "Back To School" sales from three different retailers. What the hell? Let the kids enjoy what brief summer they have. It's not even August 1st yet.

The commercials may have been running earlier than now, and I just didn't pay any attention to it. But perhaps I noticed it because I am aware that at least one prominent retailer is having a meeting to discuss the "X-Mas strategy" on August 1st. Yikes. Just how early is TOO early? A mall in the area here starts playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. The day after Thanksgiving might be a 'black' holiday for retailers... but rolling out Jingle Bells a month before Turkey day is bananas.

Things like this will be regulated when I'm in charge. I'll make that campaign pledge to you now.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

They're Gonna Do What?????

Lawmakers are considering RAISING the gas tax by another ten cents per gallon.

I'm SO not kidding. Every day, I wake up and think that politicians couldn't possibly get any dumber. In my time here on earth, I have yet to have a day go by that I'm actually right.

Gas is up over a dollar since March. Gas prices are driving up the cost of EVERYTHING else. So yeah, let's increase the tax. Idiots.

Oh, By The Way...

We got our butts handed to us last night.

Didn't see that one coming.

Finally, A Good Program

Here's some random thoughts from ESPNs broadcast of the ESPYs tonight. I should have done a "Running the Clock", but I don't have that kinda energy tonight. So here in no particular order are some viewer highlights ( and lowlights ) of the first program in a long time that ESPN didn't fark up.
  • Justin Timberlake is KILLING as host. It seemed like he was trying a little too hard for the first few min, but then settled into a rhythm. The crowd seemed to be playing a bit of a prevent defense on him, and the extra pressure seemed to rattle him for a bit. But he was perfect for the role. I'm stealing a line here, but I'm secure in my manhood to say that he's great.
  • One minute into the program, and we have a Favre joke.
  • Two minutes into the program, and we have a virginal Eli Manning joke.
  • Timeberlake hugging Aaron Rodgers, "It's gonna be okay man."
  • The stroking of Favre continues early in the evening with Brett getting the "Best Record Breaking Performance". He even smoothly delivers a canned joke.
  • Aaron Rodgers is almost getting more face time than Timberlake.
  • Appalichan State did NOT win for best upset. I know the fans vote this one in... but c'mon. The Giants were the best the NFC had to offer, and the Pats were good. But App state isn't even in the same division as Michigan. The walk-ons at Michigan were better players in high school than the STARTERS of App State. And yet, they walked into the Big House and won. First injustice of the night.
  • Timberlake keeps a few running jokes through the night. One is that Eli was prolly a virgin till he just got married. The other is his disappointment in the Memphis Tigers losing in the championship game to the Kansas Jayhawks. He even does a great free throw demonstration that killed.
  • Greg Oden is one funny 47 year old. ( see, that's a joke about how Oden looks. For those of you who don't like sports, Oden is like 19... but looks like he's 64. )
  • Even my boy, Brady Quinn, is getting some face time. If he doesn't get into a game for the next couple of years, I wonder how long he'll be famous outside of South Bend ( and my household )?
  • The New York Giants are winning any award that they're up for. If they win "Best Team", I'll assume that the votes weren't counted outside of the Big Apple.
  • Kate Walsh has some great legs.
  • And Danica Patrick looked FANNNNNTASTIC on stage.
  • Will Ferrell makes a couple of appearances. He even hops up on stage to accept an award for an absent Tiger Woods. I sure hope he doesn't overstay his welcome as a leading funnyman. I like Will Ferrell, but he has to be careful not to attention-whore himself out. Not that I ever thought Jim Carrey was as funny, but there was a time when Jim Carrey was everywhere, and on every program possible, and to the point of annoying. Now, Carrey is just wearing Jenny McCarthys swimsuit on the beach. Lets hope the same never happens to Will Ferrell.
  • All is well with the world. The Giants didn't win "Best Team". The Celtics did.
  • They are dropping confetti at the end of the show. Is there any thing on TV anymore that doesn't have giant confetti explosions at the end?
  • Also at the end, there is a little box at the bottom of the screen that says "Special Thanks To:"... and then lists people and companies. You want to know what the first name in the box was? - - - Justin Timberlake. WTF? Why does he need "Special Thanks"??? There's no way he DIDN'T get paid to host the show, shouldn't that be THANKS enough???

Friday, July 18, 2008


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

As the Prolate Sphereoid Turns...

There's no crying in baseball, and there's no soap opera drama in professional football. At that level, winning is the ONLY thing, and therefore, the best players play.

It doesn't matter if you make 10 million dollars a year, or league minimum. If you're better than the next guy... you'll play. It often happens at every level of the sport ( see exhibit: Kufahl:Spartans)... but at any other level of the game, politics can be involved. At that level though, letting your personal feelings get in the way can cost you your job - and management knows this, and acts accordingly.

So in the saga that is the Favre/Packers situation, it SHOULD be cut and dried. But oh no, leave it up to both sides to muck up the whole process.

Favre should stay retired. But if he really does want to play, it will make him look foolish for ever 'retiring' in the first place. Reports are that he asked for his release so he could continue to play, but that's just silly based off of everything he's said over the past decade. Look, I love the man. But enough is enough. Don't become THAT guy. If you're gonna play, then play. Tell us yesterday. You're 64 years old, enough of the childish games.

And then there's Ted Thompson. Right now, Britney Spears handles relationships better than this guy. Ted has the ultimate "team better perform well, or here comes the pink slip" job. So what's the problem? No matter how ready Aaron Rodgers is, Brett gives the Packers a better chance to win RIGHT NOW. Sorry Aaron. I'm not sure which football god you pissed off, but that's the way it is. If Brett had a sh*tty year last year, I'd be all for giving you a go. But he didn't, and the best player plays. What doesn't Thompson understand about that?

Not only is Ted Thompson's job on the line, but if he lets Brett go, he should fear for his own safety. Green Bay locals killed Dan Devine's dog once... that will look pedestrian compared to what they're capable of if Thompson lets Brett play anywhere else than GB in 2008.

So both of them should play nice, and settle this by 11am on Wednesday. It can be done.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

"Let the Alpine Blast...."

... cuz it's summertime.

My favorite time of year. No god damn snow, prime sports weather, long days, bar-b-ques, and to quote the song again, "the weather is hot, and the girls are dressin' less".

And yet there are places on this green earth that are like this year round. And I still live here. I ought to fix that.

But this summer is going by fast. Training a new employee sure eats up alot of time, and makes for fewer social activities - but work has been stretching things out a bit too. So since I can't decrease the amount of training time with the new employee - work might have to change. I've got an interview tomorrow with a company with a great reputation to work for... and a local sports team has an opening that I'm qualified for... so now I just hope for the chance to interview, and impress the ballcap off them.

Working for the boys of summer would most definitely increase my love of the season.

On another sports note, we're 4-0, thanks to a forfiet this holiday weekend. And while things might not have gone rather swimmingly for me in the game the week prior....well.... we're still 4-0. It's been a long time since I could say that.

So here's hoping everyone else (even you too Nort) is enjoying their summer. It'll snow soon enough Nort, so let me enjoy it while I can ;)