Wednesday, March 29, 2006

QA Help

The IFL schedule finally was released... well... sorta. It's been sent to the owners, but the league has yet to make an official announcement.

But it's up on the Hitmen site. If you haven't been there in a while, check it out. I've played with a few things, and Nort's been kind enough to do some QA on the site for me. He's even proud of me that I got the schedule to fill up a whole page. Now I just have to get him some Leinies Sunset brew and call it a day.

And speaking of the Hitmen... I smell a major announcement coming up on Saturday............

Hanging By A Thread

By the few various pictures I've put up here ( I think they've all been football pictures ), you've seen that I am not a hefty guy. I'm lean, which is a step up from the skinny days of my youth. At last check, I'm up to around 215 pounds - give or take 5 depending on the day.

Well, today for track practice, we climbed ropes. I haven't climbed a rope since I last coached, which was five years ago. I'm about 35-40 lbs heavier than I was back then.

Lets just say I didn't quite shimmy up the rope as quick as I used to. Especially since these drills don't let you use your legs on the ropes.

I'm also alot stronger than I was back then, but yeah... not much of a consolation when I was halfway up the rope. We also did muscle-ups ( think a chin-up, but then press yourself up in the air so the bar is at your waist - kinda like if you were going to pull yourself up into a helicopter that was already in the air ), and we did some vaulting rolls on the floor.

I used to be able to do 12-15 of the muscle-ups in a row. Today... only eight. And I was dying on the eighth one.

But the strength drills aside - it was SO much fun swinging on the ropes again. I can't believe they're paying me to flip upside down, and hang from a swinging rope. The head coach snapped a couple of pictures of us on the ropes, I'll have to see if I can get 'em.

Good times.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Flash Master

ActionScript blows.

Moving things around in Flash is now a piece of cake for me - but the real power of Flash is in the code. Code that I'm not very good at. But code that allows you to 'cheat' in Flash.

Flash has a 16,000 frame limit. From what I can gather from the internet ( cuz you know if it's on the internet, then it has to be true ) - the limit is a holdover from earlier flash versions - but the programmers have just never taken the limit away.

16000 might sound like alot, and it is... but to record on DVD, you have to be at 30 frames per second... which means there's now a limit of just under nine minutes.

But there's a roundabout way to cheat. You can insert ActionScript code, which will load a movie 'inside' your other movie, thus increasing the number of frames. Say you have a movie with 1000 frames. You are allowed to use ActionScript on the 1001st frame, and in effect, embed another movie in the 1001st frame.

So for our example, lets say the second movie has 750 frames. When you load the finished product, flash thinks there's only 1001 frames - when the actual playback will include 1750 frames.

The code required to do that looks like this:

//var mc:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip("mc", this.getNextHighestDepth());
mc.onRelease = function():Void {
trace(this.image._url); // annivlogo1.swf
var image:MovieClip = mc.createEmptyMovieClip("image", mc.getNextHighestDepth());

Are you kidding me?!?!? There has got to be something simpler in the programming world.

Thank goodness for cut and paste. Cuz I have NO idea what the hell all that means. Sheesh.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

And The Winner Is....

Here in Wisconsin, we're gearing up for an interesting battle for the Governor's Mansion this fall. The incumbent, Doyle, has taken a beating the last couple of years, but remains a strong force within the Democratic Party.

On the Republican side, it was shaping up to be a two horse race to see who would take on Doyle. But this past week, County Exec Walker decided to step down before the primary. He is widely being lauded for the effort, even by the uber-liberal Journal/Sentinel.

But here's where some smarter political pundits can help me out. Walker stepped down in an effort to unify the party behind one candidate, but did so mostly because he wasn't raising funds fast enough to keep pace. He was raising funds at almost a hundred thousand per month clip. Now, I know he spends some of the money, so it's not ALL sitting in a bank account..... But my question is - What happens to the money that he raised in an attempt to win the Governorship?

Money that was raised, was done so under the pretense that he was going to TRY to win the top spot in the state. He has now stepped down from that race. He didn't lose anything that was voted on by the people that gave him money. So does he get to keep it? Does it stay in a fund for a future race that he may attempt? Can he use it if he chooses to run for re-election as County Executive? Cuz that might seem mildly unfair to his opponent in that race.

I pay a modest amount of attention to politics, but sadly I don't know much about campaign finance. I think it's kinda bogus if he gets to keep it. But, there's not a fair alternative either. If you gave the money to Green, the other Republican candidate, at least it stays within the party, but the money wasn't earmarked for him. Refunding the money isn't an option, so what do you do with it??

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Without Further Ado, I Bring To You...

...the XXXI edition of the Carnival of the Badger.

I apologize for the delay in the showing. I had a "March Madness" theme planned out last night ( I know, I know - I did a "Superbowl" theme last time, so I was cheating a little bit ) - and then all hell broke loose this morning.

I've been working alot this last week and a half, and today really got the heart going. When I got here this morning, the Internet was broken again - this time just the office was affected. Slowly from 8am, until about noon, a whole Lord of the Flies thing started happening in the office.

The three owners, and all the GMs are out of town this week, at a major convention. They're all out cruising the strip out in Vegas for the IHRSA convention - which is a nice break from cruising up and down Hwy 100, where two of our clubs are located.

The powers-that-be may be MIA, but at least we know where they are. There's a couple of kids here in Milwaukee that have gone missing. That has absolutely nothing to do with my 'Lord of the Flies' work day, but Badger Blogger has something you should read about it.

But with the owners too far away to do anything about the mounting problems, people started fending for themselves. I spent almost half of the morning on the phone with Time Warner. Don't even get me started on them. Maybe we should look into if AT&T can provide a service for us. They seem to be everywhere else.

It started off as a small turf war. The accouting people felt that the business ops people weren't as concerned about the problem as we should have been. Everyone in the office gets along REALLY well, so it's funny to see when sides break out, and one side feels the other is being too elitist.

But we did start to band together before we let the tension destroy us all. The tension never really quite dissipated, and was always there, kinda simmering beneath the surface though.

I could only imagine what would have happened if we knew the problem wouldn't get resolved in the near future. I had visions of everyone just snapping - thoughts of making fires to stay warm - doomsday prognosticators standing atop their desks shouting out at the top of their lungs - everyone wearing tinfoil hats - and others, hiding underneath their desks with hands covering ears, trying not to hear the chaos around them.

But like I mentioned, we started to band together, and if not for a small form of democracy, order was restored. The network came back online, and the internet returned. I was then able to tell you my harrowing story, and all is right with the world now that the Carnival is up and running.

One last side note about today and how it relates to the Carnival. After order was restored, and I had my bright idea to do the "Lord of the Flies" theme - I was sitting at my desk, when someone needed to run next door to teach a class for employees. She was running late due to the morning mishap, and she proceeded to shout out: "Where's my stapler?? Has anyone seen my stapler??" I couldn't stop laughing.

So you almost got an "Office Space" theme for the Carnival today, had I not been almost done with the re-write. Maybe next time.

If your days aren't as hectic as mine, you can go see Nick for hosting information.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

COTB Is Back...

The Carnival of the Badger makes it's return to Know What I Mean - so get your entries ready, and send 'em on over.

For more info, go give Nick $20.

I'm Back On Track!!

With the exception of this week, I've gotten my old job back as a pole-vault coach. Because of the scheduling conflicts this week, I haven't had a chance to be out coaching, but things will work out a little better next week.

Last Friday, I did have a chance to help them out with some run-throughs on my first day, and I didn't realize how much I had missed coaching. And the vaulting was just like riding a bike. I hadn't jumped in almost five years, and after one approach, I had the steps down, and it felt great again.

Next up - a meet on Saturday. AT 8 AM. Who the f*ck planned that one out????

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'd Do It For Half

Paul Tagliabue is retiring from his commissioner spot of the NFL effective in July. He took over after Pete Rozelle, and has turned the potential that Rozelle gave the NFL into a reality.

Funny, though. I couldn't find an application for the job vacancy on anywhere. I wonder why that is?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!!!

Ummmm....... How????

A man caught 42 fish, in SEVEN minutes. A fish nearly every ten seconds. How the f*ck do you cast, catch, reel in, unhook... in TEN seconds. I call shennagans.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Caption Contest

Alright peeps -

Humor me on this snowy Thursday...

Here's a photo I came across for my project. Gimme your best captions to the picture. Don't hold back.

UPDATE:: My favorite was the first one submitted. The winner is Big Willy Style with:

"John and Julie Rosslyn didn't believe Joel Rothstein when he said that Jews were the real ones packing the heat. One zip and five minutes of staring convinced the couple otherwise."

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Surprising Pictures

As always, if you so choose, click for a bigger pic.

This last one is interesting, not from a scary perspective, but an unexpected blast from the past. The two people on the right, I went to high school with. This picture was take just days before our graduation, and I have no idea why they were at the club. There's a total of four pictures with this group, and in two of them, they're holding envelopes. The guy is Bryan P., and the girl is Julia H. Julia was the 'darling' of our class. Everyone would have dated her, if given the chance. Unless you were gay, you had a thing for Julia. I've heard now that she's a lawyer. **Sigh**

Just One Word


You can click on the pics for larger images, should you feel the need. These were in the first batch of pictures I went through, so the rest of the boxes/binders should be quite entertaining.

Spend the Money, Damnit

Before the Don brokered his deal with the new CBA for the NFL, the Packers stood at the top of the heap in terms of available money under the salary cap for the upcoming season.

The new CBA added almost an additional 7.5 million more dollars to the salary cap than teams were expecting. That put the Packers at $35 million under the cap at the start of the free agency period. Should Brett Favre decide to retire, that could open up another 7-9 million dollars of cap space.

Now, I love Brett and all.... but dude. Make up your freakin' mind already. The draft is just over a month away. You're in the discussion of greatest QB of ALL time, and possibly in the discussion of greatest PLAYER of all time. But enough already. If you're going to go - give the team a chance to calculate that in this free agency period. If you're going to stay, you'll make alot of people happy, and you'll make the front office sweat a little less, knowing what they have to do.

But Brett's mindset of not being able to make a decision seems to be sweeping across the front office. Even without Brett's retirement, the Packers were $5 million dollars ahead of any other team (Vikings) in terms of available cap room.

Now, the Packers need alot of help, and one free agency season prolly won't turn it around. But, with some really big names out on the market for free agency, lets take a look at what the Packers have done so far.

QB - no need. If Brett's back, he plays. If not, Rodgers gets the keys to the car for a year or two.

RB - All three of the Packers runningbacks are free agents, so the Packers re-signed Ahman Green. Not a bad move here. It didn't cost them too much, and he should still be serviceable for a couple more years in the system. The big name free agents didn't factor in here, so despite the trend you're about to see, the Packers prolly did the right thing here.

WR - There's no name on the market that's worth the dollars they're asking, so this is sort of a non factor as well. They did however issue a terse press release, basically telling disgruntled wideout Javon Walker to shut his fat face, and show up for training camp. Walker wanted a contract extension last year, didn't get it, and got hurt. Now he wants OUT in the worst way, and the Packers basically told him to suck it. Should get interesting.

TE - Bubba's about at the end of his productivity rope, and while serviceable, it never hurts to at least look at other options. This is a thought the front office doesn't share, as they have NO intention of signing a TE, let alone talk to one.

OL- It was well documented that the loss of the two guards hurt the Packers in a bad way. The two best offensive linemen in free agency didn't so much as get a phone call from the Packers. Hutchenson ( a guard ), got a MAMMOTH deal from the Vikings, and the best center around ( LeCharles Bentley ) isn't even on the Packers radar. The Pack keeps yelling from the rooftops that they want Brett back. A few good offensive linemen might go a long way to making that happen.

DL - The position with the highest "Q" rating as of late in the NFL. The Packers opted to resign Kampman, and while not a bad move, we prolly gave him more money than his production warrants... but if we didn't, some other team would have, so I'm conflicted on this one. Glover and Tripplett, the best available linemen, again, didn't even get a sniff from the Packers.

LB - Where do I start? The defense last year was horrible, and the linebackers take alot of the blame for that. Barnett shows some flashes, but he needs help. Witherspoon would have made a great addition to the team, and comes from a well coached defense.... but say it with me.... the Packers showed NO interest.

DB - They share the blame with the linebackers. Ahmad Carroll got flagged for pass interference so much last year, it carried over to bar in the offseason, where a police officer threw a penalty flag on him. Well, that, and he threatened to hit the cop, but I digress. The best safety available? Adam Archuletta. Interest from the Packers? ZERO. Good plan so far. They thought it might be better to go for a guy that almost got cut by Seattle, Marquand Manuel. Oh, by the way... Manuel has ZERO career interceptions.

ST - They let Longwell go. I know, I know. He's a bitch, and can't kickoff past the 15 yd line. But you know what? When he kept his mouth shut, he hit the field goals he was supposed to. And that's not so easy in Lambeau. Now, he signed with the Vikings (yet, another theme), and he's gonna kick indoors. I don't blame him for wanting out. But I liked having to NOT worry about special teams, even if he didn't have the longest leg. With THIS much cap room, we could have resigned him, AND signed a kickoff specialist. Don't even get me started on BJ Sanders.

So I close this open letter to Ted Thompson, by saying this.

We're rich, beyotch!! Get off your ass, and start writing some checks beyotch!!! It's not like you can save the money for next year!!

Monday, March 13, 2006

"Teh Intarweb Is Down!!!"

I've read before, how one of the funniest things you can say to someone that works in the IT field, is that "the internet is down". While I could see why a computer guy would think that was funny - I never realized just HOW funny until this morning.

In quite an auspicious start to a Monday morning, my day began with a call while I was enroute to one of the clubs. Keep in mind, I was not supposed to work in the clubs starting this week, but they still need some help for the first half of the week, so I was already not too excited about starting today.

And then the call came.

Club:-"Matt! I'm glad you answered!! K and D are both out of the office this morning, and the internet is offline!! I don't know what to do!"

Me:- "You mean the fileserver is down, or you can't connect to the internet?"

Club:- "Both. There's no files, and the internet is down."

That's when I had one of those moments... you know, where you say something to someone, and you know they won't get it, but you open your mouth and say it anyways, without thinking...

Me:- "Well, the internet never 'goes down', I just sounds like you lost your network connection. I'll be right over."

Club:- "..........what?"

Me: - "Nevermind. I'll be right there."

Club: - "Okay, please hurry!"

In a situation like this, the only real concern is that while the network connection ( and thus, the internet ) is down, people cannot punch in and out. We use a web based service from ADP to keep track of payroll hours. At nine in the morning, there aren't very many files on the main file server that are that require immediate attention. And ADP was smart enough to plan ahead, and design the software to allow managers to go back in and edit timesheets.

In the end, it turns out the building most likely got hit by lightning, and the power supply to the switch got all jacked up. So even with no K & D, I was still able to save the day. The front desk couldn't believe that it was that quick of a fix - and I didn't even try to explain it to them. I kinda like the thought that they think I have the power to revive the WHOLE internet.

So how's everyone else's Monday starting off??

Friday, March 10, 2006

Workout At Work

It's a good thing I work for a health club. If I wasn't forced to be in some combination of the office and the actual clubs, I don't think I'd ever work out. No Way Dave reminded me that I have to keep up on this - and I haven't even posted much due to the crapload of work I've now got.

This project may be a bit more than I can chew... but there's still time. And next week, as I'm scanning in pictures for the presentation, I'll slip a few of the ones that don't qualify for the presentation into the scanner - so that you can see how people partied it up in the 70's. Even better are some of the outfits they used to wear for group exercise classes. *shudder*

For now, I'm trying the 'workout to relieve stress' idea, but it's not doing very well from a stress standpoint.

I did get a good one in Wednesday, mostly cardio and core work. Thursday was all footwork.

Today, nothing. Except the workout my belly will get when the Edwardo's pizza gets here. Yum.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Dog Whisperer

My mom, on her birthday, had the Dog Whisperer come over to her house. My parents have three labs, two of whom they've had for a while now. The one they've had the longest, Shelby, is the one that needed the Dog Whisperer.

It wasn't so much of an animal communications specialist, as it was an in-home viewing of the behavior of the dog. Shelby is an extremely intelligent dog. She's also at times, dumber than a bag of hammers. She's like the idiot savant of dogs. She's also high strung at times. Shelby goes absolutely APE SHIT when you try to leave the house, and they don't know why she does, but the others don't.

We're talking spins in circles and barks up a storm. With the addition of the third dog, this was starting to cause quite a ruckus in the Castle du Ma&Pop Kuflax. This lead my mom to call this trainer, whom she dubbed the Dog Whisperer, to see why Shelby acts like this, and if there's anything they can do about it.

I was hoping for a report on the goings-on of the exorcism of my old dog, but I have not heard any yet. I'll keep you updated.

What Have You Done With Your Life Lately?

A friend of my dad's, and someone that I worked for while I was in high school, has written a book. It's the first of three books, which are told in a story based off his life.

Writing one book, let alone three, is impressive. For Mr. Bennett, this was a cake walk.

Here's a guy that was in the Army. Then, after getting out of the Army, got a job in the "Sea and Ski" industry, and started scuba diving. He has worked with, and for, PADI (professional association of diving instructors), and has seven international scuba certifications. He owned his own company, selling scuba equipment, teaching divers, and teaching divers how to become instructors as well.

He was a major player in the scuba industry for over 40 years, and helped pioneer underwater video. He built his own submarine, which will be on display in a maritime museum in Wisconsin, and even appeared on "Unsolved Mysteries", detailing his quest for $300 million in gold up in Door County.

And now, for fun while 'retired', he wrote a book. I had the chance to talk with him again tonight, after not having seen him for almost five years. He is a very smart guy, and when you look at what he's done... it makes you take stock of your own life. But tonight, I actually thought that I could do it too.

I have a feeling that I'm gonna go into work, and this project, with a little head of steam tomorrow. Hope it lasts..............

What's Really Important

  • Scanner? - $150
  • Software? - $300
  • Paying me for a month to make a presentation for a 30th anniversary party? - More than the above, less than below.
  • Total anniversary party purchases so far? - $5000
  • Prizes donated for the party? - $30,000
  • Running a health club with up to five locations for thirty years? - Millions of dollars

  • Being one of three owners, and being able to tell me to drop everything - so that I can scan in pictures of your daughter and her freshman basketball team, and THEN make a poster out of the pictures............ PRICELESS.

There are some things in the office you can avoid. Being 'trapped' by Keith, isn't one of them.

Monday, March 06, 2006

If Not For One Woman

On this snowy Monday, Know What I Mean would like to take the time to pay homage to the person made all of this possible.

I speak not of myself, but the wonderful woman that put me on this here earf. Know What I Mean wishes my Mom a happy birthday today. I sure as heck don't tell her I love her as much as I should, so what better way to start making up for that, than by saying it here, where the masses can hear me say it?

Any woman that gave rise to me, has to be someone special. She prolly got more than she bargained for with two boys, especially one that wanted to be a pole vaulter in high school and college, and one that still plays football, even though he doesn't get paid for it. She always lovingly thought I was gonna get hurt, but in awesome motherly fashion, never said I couldn't do anything, and supported me along the way.

And on top of that, she raised my brother, Fuzz, and well, that is for SURE way more than she bargained for as a parent.

But she did it all with no complaints, and I'm proud to be her son, and call her "Mom".

I love you MomWoman. Happy Birthday.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sports Morans

The usually tight run NFL is becoming quite a circus these days. Free-agency, and the official start to the year keeps getting pushed back in increments, and the two sides are fighting like children in the back seat of the car.
"You're on my side!"
"Am not! See this line? This is MY side."
"Well, I say THIS is the line, and you can't be over here!"
"Nu-uh! I say the line is over HERE!"

And a players union that I once respected, is posturing, and it's going to cost the players DEARLY. Most players unions.... hell, unions in general, are so concerned with looking out for their members, that they lose sight of the goal. They will cut off their noses to spite their face. The baseball players union absolutely killed baseball. The NFLPA on the other hand, worked with the NFL to maximize what the players could have, but allowed the owners to grow. They realized that if the owners made more money, the players would get their share of it. And the NFLPA was the only union to get that. So what happened? The NFL experienced a boom over the last 20 years that has never been matched in sports history. Football is KING.

Actually, compared to the other sports here in America, the NFL is God.

So now the union is greedy. The owners aren't helping the situation, but I'm putting 60% of the blame on the union. The players in 1992, very begrudgingly, agreed to a salary cap. Now, if the current agreement is not extended, 2007 would be an un-capped year. The union has said that if they ever get the chance to play in an uncapped year, they would never agree to any other deal that has a salary cap.

This part I get. Players, especially the real good ones, don't like a cap. But what really would happen, is that the union would be gaining five dollars, only to have to give back ten dollars.

Pretending that the players wouldn't be locked out in 2008 ( which they would, but just play along with me here ) - the players would get the holy-grail of NO salary cap, but they'd lose alot as well. For starters, there'd be no minimum salary, as there is now. Players would also lose the 401(k) matching the NFL offers. This is no joke of a retirement plan either, as the NFL matches at an outrageous 2-1. Think about that, especially at the dollar amounts these guys are making.

Players would also lose NFL sponsored health insurance, and the NFL pension plan ( which is in addition to the 401(k). Losing the salary cap would result in a situation like MLB, with teams falling into categories of 'have' and 'have-nots'. Teams like Buffalo, Indy, and even Green Bay would not be able to compete with deep pocket owners, and some of those teams might even fold.

So lets recap. A new agreement, although it will have a salary cap, means no teams have to fold, players don't get locked out in 2008, players can keep making millions of dollars a year, get a kick ass 401(k), a pension plan, free health insurance - and the golden goose gets to live.

No deal? Maybe the top 10% of players in the league will make a crapload of money in 2007, and then get locked out in 2008, and lose all the above.

Why the fark is the union walking away from the negotiating table?


Just Come Clean Asshat

It made the news today that Barry Bonds ran on the curves today.

Stop the presses. Are you f*cking kidding me? There's NFL labor war ( which I'll get to ), but OH MY GOD. Who the f*ck cares?

This guy had knee surgery, and missed an entire season. He didn't blow out his knee ( which only requires 6-9 months to completely return ), he had arthroscopic surgery, and is just now starting to run. And worse, the media continues to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. What a friggin joke this guy is.

Barry before steroids in the Pittsburgh uniform.

Barry after steroids in the Giants uniform. What an asshat.

Holy Ouch Batman

I did it more for fun, but ended up getting a helluva a workout. Saturday, I played in one of the biggest racquetball tournaments the club runs. I did both singles, and doubles. It was an all day event, and they fed us food, and had a DJ come in to wrap up the night at the bar.

I LOVE the fact that there's a bar where I work.

Anyway, the tourny itself was pretty fun, but I'm paying for it today. Everything from my calves, to hips, shoulders, abs, quads, and even my neck, is hurting today.

The highlight of the day? Watching Eric (a fellow employee) get SMOKED in a match against a 12 year old. I too, got beat by the kid... but not nearly as badly as Eric did.

The whole day was alot of fun, and watching the guys at the 'Open' level..... WOW. Even I had a hard time following the ball on the court. Watching that gave me further appreciation for the curling that we're going to take up next winter. I enjoy racquetball, but don't take it very seriously at ALL. But after seeing those guys, I know I'll never even come close to their level. Now, curling on the other hand... at least I expect that I could be competitive after a little while.

That, and I imagine you don't quite feel like this after a day on the ice.

ESPN Finally Does Right

'Bout damn time. The Jason McElwein piece that ESPN did is on their website. I found it earlier, but you had to be an "Insider" to get it. They finally wised up, and put it on the main site.

Between their poll question a couple of days ago, and now this. Has ESPN finally come around the bend to good sports reporting?

Here's the piece.

Friday, March 03, 2006

What Is Going On????

Friday's are usually pretty quiet around the office. Two of the three owners are only here for about an hour - which is down from their usual 3-4 hours. Half of the office is out of here by 1:30, so it's a good time to hunker down and get something done.

But for me, today was like Christmas for me in the office. I've been at my desk now for a couple months, but it wasn't until two weeks ago that I got a phone ON my desk. Well, today, they got around to setting my voicemail box up!! Woo-hoo!

But wait. It gets better.

I also got a brand new chair today!! Woo-hooOoo!

AND, they're gonna open up the purse strings ( just a little bit ), and order me some software that I need for here in the office.

.............Wait a second.........

I'm actually gonna have to like, be here, and work and sh*t now, aren't I?

Damnit. **shakes fist in air** Those tricky sons-a-bitches!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Other Shoe

In my ever revolving job duties, I've been given a HUGE assignment of making a presentation for our 30th Anniversary party that we're going to have. It was almost going to be insurmountable, but thankfully, they've removed the sound requirement from the presentation.

I'm going to make the 'movie' in Flash, in the hopes that it will look thousands of times more professional than if it were a PowerPoint presentation. I spent most of the day putting my ducks in a row for this project, and much to my surprise, they all fell into place.

**crickets chirping in the background**

This really can't be this easy can it? Should I be worried that everytime I had a logistical question, someone had an easy solution for me? I seriously knocked out eight of the ten MAJOR hurdles that have been put in front of me already.

So when does the other shoe drop? Is it bad that I'm that cynical about it already?

Late Night Abuse

Got more lift on last night after work. Not feeling too good today. Normally I'll workout in the afternoon, or very early evening.

8:45 pm start last night. But hot damn if I didn't sleep like a rock.

Footwork drills, shoulders, ab work, leg press, and calf work. Fun times.