Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Only 30, 40, or 50 Years.... Or More?

January 28, 2008
Account # 2584522

Mason A 'Kuflax'
25** N**th St.
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

Dear Mr. 'Kuflax'

Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding Green Bay Packers season tickets.

Your name has been added to our waiting list for 4 tickets and your priority number is 77503. You will be notified by mail, as tickets become available.

Please contact the ticket office immediately with any corrections to your name and address information, indicated above. To ensure your name remains on the list, please notify our office with any address changes as they occur. Your name may be permanently removed from the waiting list if we are unable to locate you at any given time.

Your interest in the Green Bay Packers is greatly appreciated.


Carol Edwin
Ticket Office Supervisor
Well, the letter beat anything from the Social Security Administration that he'll ever get in the mail.

And yes, I'll be finding a frame for that letter and putting it up in his office.

One thing I noticed was that in my letter that I got a few years back, after the 'notified as tickets become available' - my letter included the line, "although it may be some time before tickets become available." Guess they didn't want to get anyone's hopes up.

And it's only 77503. He's young, he can wait. I'm looking forward to my postcard to see where I stand. I didn't get on the list till just a few years ago, so I've got a long wait myself. But in a very strange way, I can't wait till he's old enough to understand what waiting on the list means.

Sixty, Thirty, and Brand New

On Wednesday, B.O.B will turn 60.

That's like, old and stuff.

He's 60, I'm 30, and his grandson is new to the world. There's some symmetry for ya.

He's never been one to celebrate his birthday much, and this go-round, he's more excited about Little Man, than hitting a milestone age ( even if it is a really really really really OLD milestone ). But everyone give a shout out to B.O.B on this day, he deserves it. Lord knows he's been around long enough to earn it. :)

Happy birthday Pops!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Beat Me To It

Nort beat me to posting the transcript, so go check it out. It was our version of cubbie babble between Greenfield and Brookfield.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where Does The Day Go?

Holy jeebus. It's been a week home already. Holy shait that went fast. Speaking of shait... buy stock in diaper companies. Those mo-fo's ain't never going outta business.

One of the humorous moments came the other night, after we finally got little man to sleep. It was around midnight, and all was finally quiet in the house. Logistically, all we had done that day was a trip to the doc's office at 8 am. Other than that, we didn't leave the house, and we didn't have any visitors that day either. But here it was, midnight, and the day was gone. Only thing was, we couldn't think of anything we'd done the whole day ( other than the doctor ). I hadn't gone online... and I didn't even touch the PS3 all day. Neither of us stopped moving long enough to find a free minute.

I looked at Robyn, and all I could ask was... "What the fark did we do all day?"... and we just started laughing. Granted, we were exhausted, so from the outside, it prolly wasn't that funny, but it was to us. Actually, come to think of it, almost every day has been like that. He's been home for a week, and I couldn't hardly tell you what I did all day, but the week is gone.

I'm looking at going back to work this week, and while I thought there would be a part of me that would want to, actually, none of me wants to. Robyn needs to get a few promotions so I can be a stay at home dad. I think that would be pretty kick ass. She actually thinks that would be kick ass too. Let's hope it's sooner than later ;)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Oh Boy...

We're home.

Joining us, is Mason. He was born on Wednesday, January 16th at 4:28pm. He came in at 7lbs 6oz, and 19inches.

There's alot more pics, but I'm tired, so here's a few I found funny ( okay, and one nice one ) from his first few days around the office.

"Peace out, bitches!"
real caption: Moments before his first bath, and before he noticed it was cold without most of his clothes on.

"F*ck you. I don't want a bath."
real caption: Now noticing he's getting cold, he's starting to get a bit cranky.

"I AM the strongest." ( only my family will get that joke. )
real caption: After bath time, the nurse gave him a mohawk. I kinda liked it, but that was not the general consensus of the visitors.

Daddy tries ( mostly unsuccessfully ) to catch some Z's.

"And he came down from the mountain with 2 ounces, one bottle. And he drank it. And it was good.... Letter from the Kufahl's to the Polypollipians." ( h/t to Will )
real caption: He's just a little jaundice, so we have to give him an ounce of formula after the real stuff. Not having total control of his arms, he likes to move them around without much purpose.

"I can hold up my own face, motherf*cker!!!" ( h/t to Will )
real caption: Along with not much control of his arms, he doesn't have much control of his neck either. Some of the faces he makes during our burping attempts are pretty priceless.

More to come, but it's off to not get anymore sleep. ;)

edit: On the original post, I typed that he was born in March, which is incorrect. He was infact, born on January 16th, not from the future month of March. I have no idea how that happened. I guess I was more tired than I thought I was.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Posting For Three

Well, kinda. It's not like I post here every day, but I for sure won't post anything for the next couple of days.

We're leaving for the baby factory right now, I'll update as soon as possible!!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I Couldn't Make This Up

From the website...
Because of the heavy snow in December, Wauwatosa has used two-thirds of it's seasonal salt order.

The city plans to take steps to reduce usage and make it through the winter season. According to the Public Works Department, unless there is a large storm, the city salting crews will only salt at intersections on residential streets. The crews will not salt the entire length of the residential streets.

Residential streets will only be fully salted prior to a snowfall that requires city plows to clear the streets.

I don't know if I should laugh or be really pissed off. This is beyond ridiculous. I've bitched about how pathetic the city is at plowing and salting before, but I had no idea. They're worse than I thought. But looking back on it, it doesn't make any sense. They weren't out busting their humps to salt the streets in the first place... so where did all the salt go??? Other municipalities aren't having this crisis.

This is Wisconsin. It does snow here. At least they thought ahead and have a 'seasonal order'. I'm not a politician... but how 'bout ordering some more salt???

What will really crack you up, is that the city will fine me if I choose not to salt the sidewalk in front of my house. Asshats.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trust Me, I Know What I'm Doing

I had the great opportunity to be at the first Packers/Seahawks matchup when Hasslebeck said "We want the ball, we're gonna score", and watched this past contest from the comfort of my reclining couch drinking UNGODLY strong brandy & cherry cokes. ( this may have been the first time I got more than a buzz from drinking during a Packer game, and I wasn't at Lambeau )

For the 2003 contest ( which was friggin cold ), we were sitting in the endzone, and I mentioned to my brother during the 4th quarter that Hasslebeck would step out from under center differently when he threw the hitch route. I said that Harris would pick off the ball, and prolly win the game for us. In overtime he did, and after I thawed out, the world went on with itself.

During the game on this Saturday, a Notre Dame alum, Ryan Grant, fumbled his way to giving the Seahawks 14 points in the first five minutes of the game. Most of my family should have been glad they weren't around medical personnel, as their respective blood pressures went through the roof. I calmly tried to explain that it wasn't anything to worry about. This was met with some skepticism, but I remained steadfast.

Fifty five minutes of football later, and two hours and forty five minutes of real life later, all was well, as the Packers trounced the Seahawks 42-20.

Now, either the Packers need to play the Seahawks every week, or I need to find a practical application for my talent.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Youuu Can Dooo It!!!

Hey, look at that!!! A snow plow just went by!!!

It stopped snowing here 3 hours ago. It started snowing here about 9 hours ago.

You know, after about four more seasons of practice, Tosa just might get this plowing/salting business down.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ready To Go... I Think

We're coming down the homestretch, awaiting the arrival of our newest employee here at the offices of Know What I Mean. A bag has been packed ( a second one hasn't been yet... and yes, that would be my bag ), and everything is almost in place.

The next step is to pick up the company car for the new employee. To accommodate the needs of his job, it looks like the company has settled on a Ford Escape. Fingers are crossed that everything goes well with the paperwork this week, and by week's end, I should be able to break in the vehicle in for him. While at the dealership, the CEO of Know What I Mean was really looking at getting the Shelby Cobra, but the VP of Operations/Development really put a nix on that idea.

And while I imagine I haven't even begun to figure out how much paperwork involved in hiring a new person is ( and there has been a shiatload so far ), some of the most important paperwork is already in process. Yesterday, I sent off a letter ( on his behalf, but it appears to have come from him ) to the Green Bay Packers. Why the Packers you ask? Well, let's just say that he's getting a headstart on his place in line for season tickets. We await the confirmation letter from the Packers, and will be quite proud of the fact that his first ever piece of mail will be received from the Green Bay Packers ( and before he every gets anything from the SSA ). For those of you living under a rock - the Packers have been sold out on a season ticket basis since 1960, and there's an estimated 35 year wait for season tickets. More information than you need to know ( and all memorized by Nort ) can be found here.

His office space is all set up and ready to go, with the finishing touches added since the last look.

I know you're never ready... but now it's almost time. Yikes.